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How to Hire a VP of Operations with Job Description

VP of Operations ecommerce

Quickly-growing ecommerce businesses often reach a point where they need someone dedicated to overseeing the strategy of all departments within their organization. Companies with complex logistics needs can particularly benefit from the leadership of a VP of Operations. This article e …

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How Product Sampling Can Drive Ecommerce Sales Success

Product sampling for ecommerce

Is the secret to boosting your ecommerce sales giving products away for free? It may seem counterintuitive, but product sampling can be a great way to encourage purchases and establish strong customer relationships. It’s becoming especially valuable in the highly competitive ecommerce …

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How to Sell On Facebook as a Business In 2024

How to sell on Facebook as a business

Facebook has continuously been the world’s most popular social media platform, with over 3 billion people using it monthly. And with the integration of the ecommerce feature known as Facebook Shops on the platform, more and more ecommerce businesses around the world are looking for an …

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How to Create an Effective Ecommerce Returns Policy

Ecommerce returns policy

Every online shopper faces the reality of needing to return an order at some point. Ecommerce returns policies go a long way in ensuring a seamless experience by providing directions on how packages can be sent back, terms for refunds, rules for exchanges, and more. This is much more …

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How to Reduce Cart Abandonment In Ecommerce

Reduce cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a natural part of the online buying process. Consumers bail on purchases for a number of reasons, ranging from cold feet to cumbersome checkout design. However, high cart abandonment rates might signal issues that are leading your ecommerce business to los …

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Product SEO: Best Practices for Ecommerce

Are the product pages on your ecommerce website crafted with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind? If not, they might not be reaching their full potential. Acting as the virtual salespeople of an online store, product pages are only able to do their job when they're in front of cu …

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Guide to Inventory Financing for Ecommerce Companies

inventory financing for ecommerce

Efficient inventory management is a cornerstone of ecommerce success - and this includes managing the costs that come with having inventory. Managing inventory costs can often present a significant challenge, impacting both cash flow and the ability to meet customer demand. Many ecomm …

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Guide to Inventory Loans for Ecommerce

ecommerce inventory loans

Inventory loans are a key financial tool for ecommerce businesses, used to acquire new inventory without threatening cash flow. Since ecommerce poses unique challenges, like changing customer demand, busy peak seasons, and the pressure to introduce new products, having the right amoun …

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Guide to Alternative Inventory Funding Options for Ecommerce

Inventory funding for ecommerce

It’s a necessity to have the right amount of inventory on hand when running an ecommerce business. That amount can change depending on circumstances, like seasonal peaks or launching a new product, and it's common for ecommerce businesses to secure financing to fund that additional in …

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Unconventional Ways to Promote Your Ecommerce Store

Running an ecommerce business is only getting more competitive by the day. It's not enough to simply have an online store - businesses that want any hope of being seen need to put extra work into promotional efforts. Even more than that, they need to find a way to differentiate themse …

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