Medical Device 3PL & Health Fulfillment Services 

The challenges that come with medical devices and health fulfillment are vastly different compared to most ecommerce fulfillment processes. You need to partner with a 3PL that understands the unique requirements of wellness and healthcare product fulfillment (and can manage sudden changes in demand) without compromising on speed and accuracy.

Our expertly managed FDA, Health Canada, and SQF compliant facilities ensure the safest storage and handling for your health and wellness products.

Experience peace of mind with our real-time inventory management and advanced lot tracking offering unparalleled precision and control. Our solutions are scalable, accommodating the evolving needs of medical devices and healthcare logistics. 

Medical device 3PL and health and wellness fulfillment

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Advantages of Shipfusion's health fulfillment and 3PL services.

Comprehensive end-to-end lot tracking & recall insurance

In the dynamic world of health and wellness fulfillment, managing your inventory with precision is not just a convenience -- it's a necessity. Our end-to-end lot tracking system follows your products the second it arrives at the fulfillment center to your end user. This isn’t just about knowing where your products are, but protecting your brand reputation. In the rare case of a recall, you’ll be able to quickly identify where the affected inventory is and resolve any issues, preserving your brand and strengthening your relationships with your customers. With Shipfusion, it's not just about storing and shipping; it's about giving you confidence and control over your inventory and fulfillment every step of the way.

health fulfillment lot tracking

Save up to 37% on shipping and packaging 

Packaging and shipping requirements can often be complex and expensive when it comes to healthcare fulfillment. With Shipfusion’s healthcare 3PL services, you can save up to 37% on shipping rates through our carrier relationships. You’ll also get added savings with our optimized packaging strategy that ensures a balance between minimizing package size and protecting your product's integrity.

healthcare 3PL fulfillment

Instant access into live inventory data across warehouses

When it comes to medical devices and health fulfillment, properly managing inventory is critical. You need to know how much inventory you have and clear visibility into when you should restock to prevent spoilage or stockouts. Shipfusion makes this effortless with our real-time inventory reporting that updates every 3-5 minutes and custom inventory alerts.

Stay on top of your inventory levels.
You’ll receive real-time alerts as soon as your inventory reaches a predetermined level that you set. You will always know when to reorder, preventing stockouts and keeping your customers happy. 

Forecast what SKUs will be out of stock soon.
Get analytics on SKU velocity, expected days of inventory left, reordering suggestions, and 30/60 days of inventory usage. 

Health Canada, FDA, and SQF compliant warehouses

Get peace of mind knowing your products are stored in regulatory-compliant warehouses. Proper storage conditions that meet regulatory standards are vital for medical devices, healthcare, and wellness products. Shipfusion fulfillment centers are SQF, FDA and Health Canada-certified. Moreover, each warehouse has temperature-controlled zones designed to maintain the ideal environment, ensuring your health and wellness products remain in perfect condition. We also offer cold chain shipping options that factor in seasonal changes to ensure sensitive goods arrive at the end customer in great condition year round. 

FDA and SQF certified 3PL for healthcare

Get your own dedicated Account Manager

At Shipfusion, you get your own dedicated Account Manager located on-site, at the warehouse. Your Account Manager becomes a true extension of your team by learning the ins and outs of your business and what is required for consistent, flawless fulfillment. They can solve any issue that can come up as fast as possible, and you’ll never have to wait days to get support. 

Account Manager health fulfillment 3PL
“Shipfusion was able to handle around 10,000 orders a day across all of our fulfillment locations. It was a time of extremely high volume, and shipping and Shipfusion got through it without a glitch.”
Krystal Daniel
Senior Operations Manager, TUSHY
“My company has been working with Shipfusion for about a year now. Their technology is impressive and intuitive, their customer support is responsive (they have a live chat feature that our team has used for urgent requests) and their fulfillment is quick. We're looking forward to continuing to grow with them.”
Matt Ruggieri
Co-Founder, Onekind
“Shipfusion is the best of the best... ...We love having Shipfusion as our fulfillment partner and would recommend them to anyone we know. We look forward to continuing to grow with such a great team of hard working people at Shipfusion! Not to mention the technology and customer portal is extremely user-friendly and up-to-date.”
Kalumi Health
United States
“I never write reviews but felt compelled to about Shipfusion because I’ve had such a positive experience with them and feel it needs to be shared. Not only do they have an incredibly user-friendly portal and affordable shipping rates (very important in the pandemic era), but their customer service is what really sets them apart. ... ...They are super helpful and I can’t recommend them enough!”
Corrie Pollock
“Our company has tried several fulfillment services, (Webgistix being the worst for customer service and order fulfillment accuracy) and since changing over to Shipfusion we have been very pleased. Order accuracy and delivery speed have been great, they are competitively priced... but most importantly, the customer service has been amazing!”
Natashia & Andrew
"I can't say more good things about Shipfusion! The UI is super easy to use and the support staff there is excellent and super responsive. They get the shipments out very quickly and also the rates are extremely reasonable. So happy I found them!"
Tammy Rant
Founder & CEO
"We've been partnered with Shipfusion now for several years. They are excellent at what they do and offer far more competitive rates than their competition. I love that they have multiple warehouses which helps to reduce shipping zone charges. Our rep is always there to address any questions/concerns that arise.”
Jeff Burgee
CEO, JLM Nutritionals

Why trust Shipfusion with your health and wellness fulfillment?

We are experts in providing streamlined healthcare fulfillment services. Leverage our suite of features tailored to meet the demands of health and medical device fulfillment so you can get back to growing your business.

Get Started With Our Healthcare Fulfillment Services

If you’re ready to experience a health fulfillment service that aligns perfectly with the needs of your health and wellness business, request a custom quote. Get in touch today to explore how our services can be tailored to your specific needs and take the first step towards a hassle-free health fulfillment service and experience that lets you focus on what you do best – growing your business.


What are healthcare fulfillment services?
Healthcare fulfillment services refers to the specialized logistics and distribution process tailored to the healthcare industry. These services differ in comparison to standard warehousing and shipping of products as there are unique requirements associated with health products and medical devices. Some of these include regulatory compliance, temperature-controlled logistics, security, lot tracking, and specialized packaging and handling. 
What certifications do Shipfusion warehouses have?
Shipfusion warehouses are Health Canada, FDA, and SQF compliant and are well equipped to handle your health and wellness products. 
Does Shipfusion offer reverse logistics or returns management?
Yes, Shipfusion does offer ecommerce returns management as a part of our 3PL healthcare logistics services. We will tailor the full return process to your specific needs and desired outcome for your healthcare and wellness brand. Learn more about our comprehensive returns management here.
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