Customizable book fulfillment services

The journey to getting on best-seller lists is filled with challenges, but fulfillment shouldn’t be one of them. 

At Shipfusion, we understand the intricacies of book fulfillment and the pivotal role it plays in your brand’s success. Our book 3PL services include:

  • Up to 37% cost savings on shipping rates
  • Real-time inventory reporting and management
  • Subscription box fulfillment and kitting 
  • Painless wholesale and B2B fulfillment
  • Ability to scale with you 

With us, you're not just avoiding pitfalls; you're optimizing for growth. Dive into a partnership that lets you focus on your brand’s future, knowing your fulfillment is flawlessly handled.

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Advantages of Shipfusion’s Book 3PL & Fulfillment Services

Cost-effective shipping solutions

Shipfusion has access to literature specific services and exclusive shipping rates through our relationships with major carriers, which means you can cut your book fulfillment expenses by as much as 37%.

Our sophisticated fulfillment technology streamlines packaging and shipping, using machine learning to select optimally-sized packaging that will minimize your costs.


Real-time inventory management 

Our real-time inventory management system keeps you a step ahead, adapting proactively to changes in demand and ensuring you never miss a beat. You'll know exactly where customer orders are in the book fulfillment process, giving you clear visibility into SKU counts and trends to help you optimize your supply chain.

book 3PL with real time inventory

Delivering your books in perfect condition 

Nothing diminishes the joy of receiving a new book like finding it damaged. 

That's why our book fulfillment service is committed to ensuring your books arrive in perfect condition, every time. By meticulously selecting the right-sized packaging and dunnage for each book, we minimize unnecessary movement during transit, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

Our approach guarantees that your customers enjoy the best possible unboxing experience - pristine books, no damages, and no reasons for bad reviews. 

custom packaging book 3pl

Curated subscription box fulfillment and kitting 

Curated subscription box fulfillment for books is more complex than regular one-off order fulfillment. Our team will collaborate closely with you to develop a tailored solution for your needs.

Our approach also includes strategic kitting to cut down on fulfillment times, so customers receive their orders as soon as possible. 

subscription box book fulfillment 3pl

Wholesale and B2B book fulfillment 

Getting your books onto the shelves of retailers and bookstores is a complex process, full of specific guidelines and hefty fines when shipments don’t meet the requirements. 

Working with Shipfusion makes B2B and wholesale book fulfillment painless. Our team of wholesale experts will help you get your books onto the shelves of bookstores globally.  

B2B Wholesale Fulfillment for books

Book fulfillment services that flawlessly adapt to order volume. 

As your brand grows, the need for effective fulfillment services increases in tandem. Shipfusion warehouses are designed to scale with your business, effortlessly managing higher order volumes and fluctuations in demand. We guarantee that we can scale with your growth consistently, maintaining our commitment to precise and fast book order fulfillment. 

book fulfillment services
“Shipfusion was able to handle around 10,000 orders a day across all of our fulfillment locations. It was a time of extremely high volume, and shipping and Shipfusion got through it without a glitch.”
Krystal Daniel
Senior Operations Manager, TUSHY
“My company has been working with Shipfusion for about a year now. Their technology is impressive and intuitive, their customer support is responsive (they have a live chat feature that our team has used for urgent requests) and their fulfillment is quick. We're looking forward to continuing to grow with them.”
Matt Ruggieri
Co-Founder, Onekind
“Shipfusion is the best of the best... ...We love having Ship Fusion as our fulfillment partner and would recommend them to anyone we know. We look forward to continuing to grow with such a great team of hard working people at Ship Fusion! Not to mention the technology and customer portal is extremely user-friendly and up-to-date.”
Kalumi Health
United States
“I never write reviews but felt compelled to about Shipfusion because I’ve had such a positive experience with them and feel it needs to be shared. Not only do they have an incredibly user-friendly portal and affordable shipping rates (very important in the pandemic era), but their customer service is what really sets them apart. ... ...They are super helpful and I can’t recommend them enough!”
Corrie Pollock
“Our company has tried several fulfillment services, (Webgistix being the worst for customer service and order fulfillment accuracy) and since changing over to Ship Fusion we have been very pleased. Order accuracy and delivery speed have been great, they are competitively priced... but most importantly, the customer service has been amazing!”
Natashia & Andrew
"I can't say more good things about ShipFusion! The UI is super easy to use and the support staff there is excellent and super responsive. They get the shipments out very quickly and also the rates are extremely reasonable. So happy I found them!"
Tammy Rant
Founder & CEO
"We've been partnered with Shipfusion now for several years. They are excellent at what they do and offer far more competitive rates than their competition. I love that they have multiple warehouses which helps to reduce shipping zone charges. Our rep is always there to address any questions/concerns that arise.”
Jeff Burgee
CEO, JLM Nutritionals

Why should you choose Shipfusion as your books 3PL?

We're the #1 rated 3PL for books. Leverage our suite of features tailored to meet the demands of book fulfillment so you can get back to growing your business.

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Get started with the best book 3PL and fulfillment service. 

Unlike other fulfillment companies, Shipfusion actually started as a textbook rental ecommerce business, so we really understand what it takes to have the best book fulfillment services.

Contact us today to explore how our book order fulfillment services can be tailored to your specific needs and take the first step towards a hassle-free fulfillment experience.


Does Shipfusion offer reverse logistics or returns management for ecommerce book fulfillment?

Yes, Shipfusion does offer ecommerce returns management as a part of our 3PL book logistics services. Our team works with you to develop the perfect returns process that meets your business's needs. Learn more about our comprehensive returns management here.

What is Media Mail, and how can it benefit my book shipments?

Media Mail is a special service offered by USPS specifically designed for sending educational materials at a lower cost. Some items that qualify for Media Mail include books with more than eight pages, sound recordings, play scripts and manuscripts, printed music books and sheet music.

Where are Shipfusion North American book fulfillment centers located?

Shipfusion’s fully owned and operated fulfillment centers are located in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Toronto, and Chicago. Our warehouse locations are strategically located within close proximity to the distribution facilities of all major shipping carriers, which means your orders will be processed quickly and shipped in no time. Learn more about our warehouse here.

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