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Lot Tracking: Benefits and Best Practices 

Building upon our in-depth exploration of what lot tracking for ecommerce retailers is, we are now ready to explore lot tracking benefits and best practices. Beyond the fundamental understanding of lot tracking as an inventory management and quality control system, it’s important to l …

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Shipfusion named one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail’s 2022 Report on Business

Shipfusion Canada’s Top Growing Companies by The Globe and Mail’s 2022

September 23, 2022, Toronto, Ontario Shipfusion, an ecommerce fulfillment and technology provider, placed No.127 on the Globe and Mail’s 2022 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies.

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What Is Lot Tracking for Ecommerce Retailers?

For ecommerce order fulfillment, accurate inventory management is an absolute necessity. As your business grows, so does your product range, order volumes, and the number of customers. This requires a system that not only helps you keep track of your inventory but also enables you to …

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The Three Main Aspects of Logistic Planning

Logistics planning, or logistic planning, is a vital component in the modern supply chain. Logistics planning is responsible for ensuring that goods and services reach their destination efficiently and on time. It encompasses a range of activities, including transportation management, …

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Official Launch: Portal V2 Release Today!

We’re very excited to announce that Shipfusion’s Portal V2 major release is moving into General Availability today! Starting 6:00pm (EDT) today client accounts will begin being upgraded to V2. No downtime is expected during this release.

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