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Looking for a Walmart fulfillment solution or 3PL? Shipfusion's native Walmart integrations and North American warehouse network combine to provide the best order fulfillment solution for ecommerce brands.

Find out why Shipfusion has been the #1 rated fulfillment provider for over 10 years

Walmart ecommerce fulfillment 3pl integration
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Walmart Fulfillment Center

Inventory Management with Easy Walmart Integration

Shipfusion’s innovative inventory management software allows your Walmart fulfillment to be fully automated through tracking inventory levels and being able to scale demand on the Shipfusion client portal app. You can keep an eye on how much stock is available on multiple marketplaces and at each Shipfusion fulfillment center location and receive automatic updates when inventory is running low on your Walmart store.

Walmart Integration

Connecting Shipfusion’s software to your Walmart store is quick and easy. A simple onboarding process will help import products and orders in minutes. Shipfusion’s custom software will track any order as soon as it is placed on your Walmart store, pushing the order through to our pick and pack process– then it will be shipped out to the end customer. The complete process will be tracked in real-time on Shipfusion’s client portal. Don’t forget Shipfusion also handles all returns using our custom returns management software, putting your Walmart store on autopilot.

Quick Shipping While Spending Less

Shipfusion will help you get your customers the fastest and most affordable shipping rates available. When an order is placed through your Walmart store, Shipfusion’s software will automatically choose the fastest and most affordable shipping option.


Order Accuracy

Precision not just promised, but delivered. Experience unparalleled accuracy.


On-Time Shipments

Your orders go out quickly, and on-time, worry free.

25 Million+

Orders Shipped

Join the ranks of satisfied entrepreneurs with our proven fulfillment track record.

Seamless Walmart Integration

Say goodbye to the hassle of manual entry and the errors that come with it. Your orders flow smoothly from storefront to shipment, leaving you free to innovate and expand your business. Shipfusion's integration is the silent engine behind your success.

Walmart ecommerce fulfillment integration 3pl

Scalable Fulfillment that Grows with You

As your orders increase, we ensure that your ability to deliver remains uncompromised. From managing inventory to handling surges during peak seasons, we provide the foundation for your growth. With Shipfusion, scaling doesn't just mean growing bigger—it means growing smarter.

walmart ecommerce fulfillment integration

Actionable Analytics at Your Fingertips

With data that tells a story, optimize your operations, reduce overhead, and improve your customers' unboxing experience. Knowledge isn't just power—it's profit. At Shipfusion, we turn data into dollars, ensuring every decision propels your business forward.

walmart ecommerce fulfillment and 3pl integration reporting

Product Benefits


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Read what our customers say about us.

“TUSHY is so grateful that Shipfusion was able to accommodate us during that crazy Q4 season, they were able to handle around 10,000 orders a day across all of our fulfillment locations. It was a time of extremely high volume, and shipping and Shipfusion got through it without a glitch.”
Krystal Daniel


“We were able to expand our business to over 31 new countries across the globe, all while cutting our domestic shipping costs by 19%.”
Gareth Everad

Rockwell Razors

“My company has been working with Shipfusion for about a year now. Their technology is impressive and intuitive, their customer support is responsive (they have a live chat feature that our team has used for urgent requests) and their fulfillment is quick. We're looking forward to continuing to grow with them.”
Shipfusion fulfillment testimonial by Onekind
Matt Ruggieri


Walmart Fulfillment Services FAQs

Can Shipfusion integrate with Walmart?

Our tech team will build an integration between our software and your Walmart store. This will allow for a seamless data integration so we perform Walmart fulfillment without any manual effort on your end.

How do I manage my inventory stock?

Shipfusion’s inventory management software makes it easy to view, manage and notify changes in your inventory levels in your Walmart store. Shipfusion’s real-time inventory tracking sweep allows transparency into your stock and helps you better organize your inventory. The technology works on sweeping inventory if you are using our multiple Walmart fulfillment centers programs as well. Shipfusion’s inventory management software makes it easy to view, manage and notify changes in your inventory levels in your ecommerce store. Shipfusion’s real-time inventory tracking sweep allows transparency into your stock and helps you better organize your inventory. The technology works on sweeping inventory if you are using our multiple fulfillment centers programs as well.

When do the orders import into your system?

Shipfusion imports orders every 5 minutes using our custom cloud-based customer portal that can be accessed from anywhere in the world through The system offers customers many intuitive and easy to use tools.

Can Shipfusion pull in the products from our Walmart store?

Yes, Shipfusion, does pull in the products from your Walmart store including; the pictures, the pricing and the specific titles of the SKU’S. We map product bundles on Shipfusion to single SKU’s. Shipfusion’s shipment Management allows change of SKU’s at no extra cost.

Can you stop products from being imported into Shipfusion via orders? ( drop-shipping from China)

Yes, you can create product rules to exclude the specific or multiple products from importing on orders into Shipfusion’s software. Shipfusion’s software provides our customers with complete control over their orders and inventory while being stored at any of our Walmart fulfillment warehouses. There are tools and features that allow you to apply specific rules to each individual SKU. If you want to prohibit certain products from shipping to designated states or international countries outside of the US, these can be easily applied using the workflows in our portal.

Does Shipfusion manage inventory levels?

Shipfusion will update all inventory levels back to your Walmart store and keep track of inventory items sold directly off Walmart. Walmart inventory management? Customers can request Annual Physical Inventory Counts and Cycle Counts through the portal. These can be scheduled with any warehouse and are charged out by the hour. If you require a third-party auditor to attend an annual physical inventory count, this can be accommodated as well.

Does Shipfusion handle returns and provide shipping labels?

Shipfusion will create all shipping labels as soon as an order is placed on your Walmart store. We will track this label for delivery status and return purposes. All customer returns are handled through Shipfusion’s portal. Returns can be placed by simply selecting the order that needs to be returned and creating an RMA. If you would like to cover the cost of the shipping, our system will automatically generate a shipping label for you to use. You can either have Shipfusion send the shipping label directly to the customer using a specified preloaded email address or you can download the label and send it to the customer directly as a PDF. If you are not covering the cost of shipping, you can create the RMA and pass this information to your customer to include on the shipping label.

How does Multiple Warehouse Shipping work?

Shipfusion will store, pick and pack all orders putting your Walmart store on autopilot. Never go to a post office again. Shipfusion offers its customers a US-based Omni Channel Walmart fulfillment solution through warehouses in Chicago, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. By utilizing different warehouses, it allows customers to reach end-users faster at a more cost-effective shipping rate, while significantly lowering costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Does Shipfusion update the tracking system?

Shipfusion has partnerships with most major carriers and will update the tracking number once it is processed in our system by the carrier. Shipfusion does not batch upload orders. We constantly pull orders in from our customer’s Walmart stores every 5 – 7 minutes and the orders automatically flow into our pick queue. It is our goal to get out as many Walmart fulfillment shipments each day as possible and it is common to see same-day fulfillment up until 2 PM CST excluding holidays.

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