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Retail and B2B fulfillment is complex. Each retailer has their own set of specific requirements that must be met to accept wholesale shipments. If your shipments don't meet the all requirements, you end up getting fined or face penalties.

Working with Shipfusion makes wholesale fulfillment easy. We provide you with a proven, turn-key wholesale playbook to help you easily get your products onto the shelves of big box retailers globally.

With Shipfusion B2B fulfillment & wholesale logistics, you get:

  • Dedicated on-site Account Managers to help you run wholesale and retail fulfillment
  • Seamless freight management and booking within one platform
  • Access to wholesale logistics experts that have experience with all major wholesale and retail vendors
  • Comprehensive EDI integration that can adapt to rapid changes in demand 
  • Access to our fully owned and operated North American fulfillment network
  • Streamlined B2B order fulfillment for all retailers 
B2B fulfillment and wholesale logistics 3PL

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Comprehensive EDI integration 

Using an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution is complex but crucial for B2B fulfillment. Shipfusion EDI solutions simplify the process, making it easy to optimize your B2B logistics and wholesale operations. Our dedicated support team and your Account Manager will assist you through the entire implementation process and will ensure that any issues or concerns are promptly addressed, to keep your business running smoothly. 

Shipfusion's EDI integrations are also built to scale with you. This means you can easily add new trading partners and accommodate fluctuations in transaction volumes. With our scalable solutions and responsive customer support team, you can get back to growing your business without having to worry about your EDI solution keeping up. 

b2b wholesale fulfillment and retail 3PL

On-site Account Managers & wholesale fulfillment experts

With Shipfusion you get your own dedicated Account Manager, located on-site at the warehouse. You will never have to worry about dealing with a middleman or waiting days to get answers from your B2B fulfillment team. Our in-warehouse support team will assist you through all aspects of wholesale, retail and EDI fulfillment, including EDI implementation and ongoing maintenance. 

Our team also has tremendous experience handling the pack-up process for all major North American retailers, including labelling, pallet configuration, and lot recording. We can also fully support all of your freight needs within B2B processing by utilizing our internal freight management system.

on-site account managers b2b fulfillment

Multiple B2B fulfillment centers across North America

B2B and wholesale shipments are larger and heavier than DTC shipments and as a result, they cost more and take longer to ship. Efficient delivery of your wholesale orders to the retailer is crucial to maintaining good relationships with the retailer. 

Shipfusion offers a complete fulfillment network of our fully owned and operated warehouses across North America to ensure swift shipping, eliminating concerns about long transit times while saving on shipping costs.

B2B and wholesale fulfillment north america

Seamless Freight Management 

You can effortlessly book, track, and manage all your freight shipments in one convenient platform. 

Shipfusion's global network of freight affiliates spans 98% of the globe, providing extensive coverage across import, export, and domestic shipments. In addition to consultation for your business, you’ll get access to custom freight pricing for air, rail, ship or road transportation.

Our proprietary technology also finds the best carriers, routes, and rates from our network of logistics partners.

Our Live Pricing app is integrated directly into each carrier, allowing them to pass back accurate live pricing options back to you so you can optimize your freight shipments.

You’ll also get access to further cost savings by using our existing freight lanes, maximizing your bottom line and efficiency.

wholesale freight management 3PL

Accurate B2B logistics and retail fulfillment solutions

Navigating B2B logistics and retail fulfillment requires a high level of accuracy. Retailers have strict requirements from product restrictions, parcel labels, SKU codes, specific invoicing structures and more. Any deviations from the guidelines could be detrimental to your business. You could get significant fines and chargebacks, or it could damage your relationship with the retailer resulting in smaller future buys or none at all. 

Having a reliable B2B fulfillment partner who knows the specific requirements of all major retailers and department stores helps you avoid all of that. Shipfusion’s wholesale fulfillment team has worked with all major retailers and can ensure your B2B shipments will follow the routing guide.  

accurate b2b logistics 3PL

Real-time inventory reporting and management

You need accurate inventory data to ensure your products are available for B2B and wholesale shipments in addition to your DTC orders. With Shipfusion, you’ll have instant access to real-time stock levels across warehouse locations, back order notifications, returns, and orders across all your sales channels. 

Real time inventory reporting for wholesale fulfillment

What Makes Shipfusion The Best B2B 3PL?

Wholesale Fulfillment 3PL

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“TUSHY is so grateful that Shipfusion was able to accommodate us during that crazy Q4 season, they were able to handle around 10,000 orders a day across all of our fulfillment locations. It was a time of extremely high volume, and shipping and Shipfusion got through it without a glitch.”
Shipfusion review by TUSHY Operations Manager
Krystal Daniel


“My company has been working with Shipfusion for about a year now. Their technology is impressive and intuitive, their customer support is responsive (they have a live chat feature that our team has used for urgent requests) and their fulfillment is quick. We're looking forward to continuing to grow with them.”
Shipfusion fulfillment testimonial by Onekind
Matt Ruggieri


“We were able to expand our business to over 31 new countries across the globe, all while cutting our domestic shipping costs by 19%.”
Shipfusion fulfillment testimonial by Rockwell Razors
Gareth Everad

Rockwell Razors

"I can't say more good things about Shipfusion! The UI is super easy to use and the support staff there is excellent and super responsive. They get the shipments out very quickly and also the rates are extremely reasonable. So happy I found them!"
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Tammy Rant


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What is EDI?

EDI or Electronic Data Interchange is a way to send data between businesses. In B2B ecommerce fulfillment, EDI is used by big box retailers to communicate with wholesalers. EDIs make B2B transactions quick and easy by allowing businesses to send orders and invoices to partners quickly. Learn more about EDIs here.

Which EDI integrators does Shipfusion work with?

Shipfusion integrates with DataTrans and SPS commerce.

Can Shipfusion’s B2B logistics and retail fulfillment services handle fluctuations in order volumes?

Yes, Shipfusions infrastructure is built to seamlessly handle changes in order volumes. Our team of wholesale experts and your dedicated account manager will ensure your B2B fulfillment will remain flawless. 

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