Shipfusion prides itself on its commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. We are always looking for individuals who share these values, and who are looking to further their careers in a unique and rapidly growing organization.

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Shipfusion has chosen a collaborative approach in achieving its objectives, with a culture revolving around teamwork, empathy, and shared values.

Our senior management team provides mentorship and guidance to our workforce but also challenges each member to collaborate in decision making and growth opportunities.

What We Value

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Together we are stronger, when faced with a hurdle, we connect with our teams and jump to a solution.
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Our teams act with integrity and honesty with a focus on putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients.
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Shipfusion believes in a workplace environment where you’re safe to try new things and push new boundaries.
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We pride ourselves on providing complete visibility into successes, and sometimes difficulties, of our business.
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We value an entrepreneurial oriented culture with employees encouraged to have a constructive and optimistic mindset to approach solutions.
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Shipfusion is committed to cultivating and preserving a culture of inclusion. We grow and learn better together with a diverse team of employees.