The Best Monthly Subscription Boxes

There is no question that monthly subscription boxes are a large part of the e-commerce boom that has taken place over the past few years. There is nothing better than getting a package every month with some goodies in it. Even better, subscription boxes make for great gifts for friends and family. Here is a look at some… Read More »

How to Save on Shipping: Calculate your Dimensional Weight

As e-commerce continues to grow, so do the shipping networks that help support the logistics of e-commerce. Shipping carriers such as UPS and Fedex have become more sophisticated in the manner in which they charge customers for shipments. Traditionally, weight has been the most important factor in determining the shipping price of a given parcel. However, this trend… Read More »

5 Tips for your E-Commerce Store

Consumer behavior when shopping online is still a new art that continues to be studied. The ease and convenience of e-commerce shopping continues to grow and more and more users are growing comfortable with transacting online. In working with a range of e-commerce retailers, Shipfusion has picked up on some of the most useful strategies to get more customers… Read More »

E-Commerce driving the logistics sector in India

According to recent reports, the e-commerce sector will be the biggest growth factor in India’s logistics industry going forward.  E-commerce is growing at a rate of 35-40% which has led to big players increasing their e-commerce logistics departments. India’s e-commerce market is currently just over $5 billion but forecasts expect to see that grow to $300 billion in… Read More »

Are Robots the Future of Ecommerce Logistics?

The rise of online retail has increased the need for efficiency in logistics and distribution. As the need for 3rd party fulfillment services continues to grow, so does the competition in the industry. This has led to a type of “arms race” among 3PL and fulfillment providers to gain the edge in the speed and accuracy in which… Read More »