2016 E-commerce Fulfillment Trends Witnessed So Far!

With 2017 almost around the corner, now is the right time to learn from all that has trended this year in the order fulfillment industry. The rapidly growing shift from physical stores to online shopping and outsourcing order fulfillment to third party service providers does present a lot of opportunities.

Using Order Fulfillment Service to Enhance Customer Loyalty

As an ecommerce business owner, you probably realize the importance of the last step in reaching out to your customers-order fulfillment. The customer had hundreds of options and he/she chose you, which makes you responsible to ensure that they get their products on time.

Is Your Return Policy Costing You Money?

It may be an important concern for online businesses. However, free and easy return policies for online shoppers barely get the attention they deserve. Even though we get a lot of questions regarding free shipping, many startups still fail to realize the importance of an easy returns policy.

Dealing With Slow Moving Inventory Like A Pro!

As an online seller, you may have dealt with slow moving inventory at some point in time. When it doesn’t move, there are a lot of consequent costs that eventually tie up to resources and capital which could have been used to invest in your business.