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Unconventional Ways to Promote Your eCommerce Store

Starting your own eCommerce store?

Want the launch to be absolutely customer-licious, with your store instantly becoming a hit in your niche and receiving record traffic on its very first day?

Marketing Your eCommerce Store

Here are some unconventional and highly effective strategies to help you market your eCommerce store and generate sales.

Promote on Reddit

Reddit is the 4th most popular website in the U.S and the second most trusted social forum among consumers. Considering its reach and effectiveness, it can be an ideal platform for eCommerce stores and businesses who want to promote their product, brand or services, and want to do so to maximum effect.

Just ask Robin Rath, the co-founder of Pixel Press.

Besides its obvious massive reach and high penetration, what makes Reddit an incredible marketing platform, is the way the site operates. Marketers can tap into specific niches and capture them using the site’s subreddits organization feature.

Moreover, you can also start different discussion boards, serving active users with helpful content and thus adopting a more organic way of establishing yourself as a leader in your target niche. It will certainly require time and effort, but doing so would help you capture the trust of your audience and make it easier for you to convince them to visit your online store.

Advertise in College Newspapers

This may not work for every eCommerce store, but if you deal in a service or a product that targets college students (even in a minor context), this could be an effective maneuver to go viral with your promotions.

College students love sharing things like these with their peers and in their social circle, as long as they feel a store, a product or a service has value to offer.

Plus, advertising in college newspapers can be far cheaper than publishing your ad in a major newspaper or printing leaflets for door-to-door distribution.

Leverage Guest Blogging

Whether you are yet to launch your eCommerce store, or you’ve already launched it, promoting it through guest blogging can be a highly effective way of driving traffic to your store.

This is because of two reasons.

First, when someone else posts your blogs on their website, it gives your blog an additional layer of credibility – it’s like the other person is vouching for you.

Second, it’s not only your audience that reads the post, but also the audience of the person or company which has agreed to host your guest blog on their website. For businesses that don’t have a following yet, it’s even better, as they don’t have to worry about building their audience before they can start their promotion campaigns.

The eCommerce sector is a highly competitive sector, and it’s easy to lose your voice in a concoction of sales and marketing pitches. If you want to avoid that, you need to think out-of-the-box for promoting your online store. These are just a few of the ways you can be unconventional and yet be highly effective in your pitch.

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