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What to Consider Before Shipping CBD Products

The Ultimate CBD Fulfillment Guide: Part 5

CBD-Friendly Payment Processors

Many popular payment processors have labeled the CBD industry as “high-risk,” so you’ll have to find one that will allow you to accept nationwide payments on your CBD products. In many cases, these payment processors will come embedded in your web-hosting subscription, and they should be CBD-friendly, except for Shopify.

If your web host doesn’t have an integrated CBD-friendly payment processor, you can connect one yourself. There are plenty of gateways available that aren’t afraid of the risks CBD products pose, and you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding one that will work for you.

What to Consider Before Shipping CBD Products

So, you’ve established your niche, done your research, chosen your reliable supplier, set up your website with a CBD-approved payment processor, and you’re ready to start selling! This is all fantastic, but there are a few things to consider before you begin shipping out CBD products.

Eliminate International Shipping (For Now)

International shipping can be a huge hassle when you first start selling CBD products. Until you know the industry like the back of your hand, you’ll want to slow down considerably or eliminate international shipping. Many countries outside the United States and Canada classify marijuana or hemp-derived products as illegal. They can both destroy your products and press charges if you’re caught shipping products into the country.

Consult with a Lawyer

If you are going to sell CBD products, you’ll want to have a lawyer on hand. Every business should have a legal team when selling and shipping a widely regulated product. Have your lawyers read over your mission statement, especially where you intend to send your products.

The CBD industry has snowballed, but you’ve got to remember that products that come from hemp are still illegal in some states. If you’re in doubt regarding any aspect of your CBD business, it’s best to consult your legal team. CBD products are not considered controlled substances at the federal level (because of their low THC concentration), but each state still has individual laws.

Triple-Check Your Suppliers

If you’re not growing and third-party testing your own plants, you’ll want to double-check (nay, triple-check) with your suppliers before sending out any CBD-related products to anyone, regardless of location. It’s crucial to ensure that your fulfillment centers aren’t violating any CBD laws, regulations, or mandates at both a federal and state level. The latter will depend on supplier location.

Suppliers must be in complete compliance regarding potency, the location of where they grow their CBD, and regulations concerning where they can ship. You can get in serious trouble if these rules are broken at the supplier level, and checking in constantly will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Launching a Successful CBD Brand 

There is so much that goes into launching a brand, but CBD calls for a little bit more work and research due to the sensitive nature of the product. Your fulfillment center is just one piece to the CBD business puzzle, but it’s vital. There is so much to consider, from legal suppliers and payment processors to creative marketing tactics.

Selling CBD is complex, and though the industry continues to grow, it’s not suited to everyone. You cannot drop the ball when you’re running a business that centers on CBD products, ensuring quality and consistency along the way.

Recent governmental and societal changes have made it a bit easier on fulfillment centers and suppliers. Still, it’s more crucial now than ever to ensure that you remain up to date and in total compliance.

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