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What Are Shipfusion eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services?

Shipfusion is committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, efficient, and cost-saving eCommerce order fulfillment services. With strong software and multiple warehouses, we provide fulfillment solutions to support any retailer around the world.

We are your eCommerce fulfillment partner, in every sense of the word! 

How Can eCommerce Order Fulfillment Services Help You?

Running a retail or eCommerce business involves a juggling act between sales and inventory management. This is relatively simple for a small business, but as a business scales, the time and resources required to manage inventory can become costly. An eCommerce order fulfillment company like Shipfusion can decrease your stress by 50% by managing your inventory, shipping, and receiving so that you can focus on building your brand, acquiring new customers and selling your product.

How Does An Order Fulfillment Company Fit Into Your Sales Process?

No two retailers are the same, and neither is their order fulfillment process. At Shipfusion we customize inventory management, order fulfillment, shipping, and receiving to suit your retail business needs.

1. eCommerce Integration
Our tech team ensures that there is seamless integration between your eCommerce platform (Shopify, Amazon, PayPal, etc.) and our fulfilment process. If you sell your product through multiple channels, we can integrate them all within your Shipfusion account so that your order fulfillment and inventory management is streamlined.

2. Warehouse Storage
We have US and Canadian Distribution Centers that meet the needs of both regional and international retailers and eCommerce businesses. Our logistics experts will help you determine the best warehouse to store your product inventory based on your customer base and shipping needs.

3. Cloud-Based Inventory Management Software
While we manage your fulfillment from beginning to end, you can check-in, in real-time, and oversee the process. With cloud access to our inventory management software, you can view inventory updates, processing times, and track shipments.

4. Product Shipping
We process your orders as sales roll in and get you the best shipping rates from carriers (FedEx, Purolator, UPS, etc.), based on the speed and service you need. We will box your product, add your custom label and branding, and schedule pick-up by the carrier.

5. Order Fulfillment Support
We are your eCommerce partner and ready to support you in any way we can. If you need to add a product to your inventory, integrate another sales channel, or want to streamline your order fulfillment process, contact us, we’re here to help!