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eCommerce Platform, Shopify, Stock Soars After IPO Debut

Shopify is a worldwide leader in providing a cloud-based eCommerce platform for retailers.

Founder Tobias Lütke sought a new way for small businesses to sell online when he had snowboards he needed to sell, and in 2004 launched Shopify. Year-over-year Shopify has managed to stay ahead of its competition and continues to lead the eCommerce platform space.

Shopify eCommerce Platform Features

  • Mobile Ready – Shopify recognizes that many consumers shop on the go and have implemented a mobile-friendly shopping cart so consumers can have a smooth and seamless online shopping experience whether they are using a desktop, mobile device or tablet.
  • Integrations – One of the greatest strengths of the Shopify platform is its ability to integrate with 3rd party apps and software. They even highlight such integrations in the Shopify App Store, which offers easy to integrate 3rd party apps such as inventory management and customer service software.
  • Search Engine Optimization – The Shopify platform, unlike many others, has taken heed to the importance of SEO and search engine rankings, and ensures that the Shopify platform supports SEO best practices like customizable H1, title tags and meta tags.
  • Detailed Analytics – the Shopify platform incorporates tracking and analytics so the eCommerce businesses can get the data they need to make informed decisions about their marketing, inventory, and business processes.

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