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Perks Of Custom eCommerce Shipping Boxes

Understanding when it’s time to spend money on brand recognition and marketing can be stressful. Using a fulfillment center like Shipfusion allows you direct access to our partners like Arka, who create amazing custom packaging for eCommerce businesses. Below are some tips and insights on when its time to take your brand to the next level. 

Face it; plain brown paper boxes are boring! There is only so much joy they can spark! But, when you add a bit of ‘you’ on that box, it can quickly change the entire perception of a shipping box and feel ‘customized.’

A customized eCommerce shipping box can be anything – have quirky shapes, highlight brand colours and logo, tell the brand story, include personalized greetings, and the list goes on. Amazon did one of the very first custom shipping boxes that came to existence with their signature arrow smile logo. The eCommerce leader was one of the early players in the market who set themselves apart by customizing their shipping boxes with the brand logo. They created the whole new experience of custom shipping boxes.

Today, the custom shipping box is not a new concept. Many small, medium and large eCommerce businesses are leveraging the power of branded shipping boxes to connect with their customers. If you are not yet doing it, you are certainly missing out on opportunities to engage with your customers and build a loyal customer base. 

Custom eCommerce Shipping Boxes

Let’s look at how you can realize the benefits of custom shipping boxes and how it can help promote your brand.

1. Custom shipping boxes are ‘customized’ – Yes, as obvious as it sounds, custom shipping boxes are made-to-order and hence let you stand out from the crowd or in this context, the competition. A customized shipping box if done right can leave an ever-lasting impression in your customer’s mind! It is something that you can even change from time-to-time to match your marketing strategy.

2.  Save! Save! Save! Yes, custom shipping boxes help you save postage costs because they are explicitly designed to hold your products. That means it requires less packing material to hold and shield your product while in transit. Although it might sound negligible, it can add up to a significant amount when you are dealing with bulk product shipping throughout the year.

3. Gain more visibility – When your shipping boxes look different (read customized), they are bound to grab some eyeballs. Be it your marketing slogan, brand logo, company tagline, or your brand story. When you do things differently, you end up generating buzz around your product without spending an additional dime on advertisements. If you are still not convinced, think about the custom shipping boxes that brands like Apple, Amazon, or LG have created and how they have grabbed the attention of their buyers.

4.  Give added protection to your products – With custom shipping boxes, you can provide better protection to your products. For example, if you are dealing with edibles, you can ensure your packaging is odour-proof and leak proof. For electronics goods, you can ensure it is waterproof for the products inside, and so on. 

5.  Be gentle with the environment – By using eco-friendly material, you not only promote your stand for the environment, but you also do your bit towards the environment. 

6.  Free promotion for your company – A custom shipping box is a blank canvas that you can use beautifully to your benefit. For example, you can play smart and use it to tell your brand story. Since shipping boxes are the first and only point of physical contact between you and your customers, you can use it to convey your key message.

7.  Create a great unboxing video – With so many YouTube videos on unboxing experiences, it is clear that brands are leveraging the buzz and excitement around unboxing. When done right, the customer would likely create an unboxing video and share it on social media for the rest of the world to see. With so much free attention and marketing of your product, there is no reason for not trying custom shipping boxes for your products, right?

8.  Attract more customers –With a custom shipping box, you can include a free coupon, voucher, freebies that your customers can share with his/her friends and family. This means there is a lot of potentials to attract more customers to your business without spending any additional expenses on advertising. Isn’t it a great idea? 

If you’re convinced and want to try out custom shipping boxes for your eCommerce business, but unsure where to begin it from, try out Arka. Arka lets you customize shipping boxes for your business needs. Try out custom shipping boxes, and don’t forget to let us know if it worked for your business!

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