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Outsourcing Order Fulfillment May Help Boost Customer Satisfaction

In the modern world, online users can communicate with one another in a much faster way. As increasing volumes of information gets circulated across the internet, online buyers are becoming more informed and demanding. Talking particularly about e-commerce retailers, the ones that fail to match up with the set standards are instantly identified and left alone. Many eCommerce retailers need to decide if outsourcing order fulfillment might not only facilitate the process but also boost customer satisfaction.

While product quality, marketing, brand reputation and a host of other things are important for businesses, the swiftness, accuracy and cost of delivering merchandise is an aspect that cannot be overstated.  And this is one of the reasons why e-businesses are increasingly depending on order fulfillment companies.

How Order Fulfillment Impacts Customer Satisfaction

Why is Speed Important to Customers?

According to a survey conducted recently, almost 89% of the participants stated that they prefer online shopping over physical or in-store shopping. Given the convenience, value and variety offered in e-stores, customers also desire swift deliveries of their orders. Studies further show that 100% customers are ready to wait for 2 days for the online orders to reach their doorstep. However, with a delay of 8 days or more, the percentage dramatically drops to 28%.

One of the biggest points of differences between buying online and from traditional stores is that the latter allows customers to pay for the item and walk out with it. Comparing it with online shopping, receiving an item they ordered probably weeks ago is annoying and dissatisfying.

How Can Order Fulfillment Companies Help With The Cost, Speed and Accuracy Of Delivery?

The issue with online businesses handling order fulfillment on their own is that they spend way too much time improving internal supply chain issues. The same amount of time and effort could have gone into enhancing other business functions. Instead of micro-managing inventories and deliveries, it is far more practical for businesses to focus on product quality, market visibility and other crucial aspects.

However, having a dedicated order fulfillment company to carry, package and ship orders has a myriad benefits. These companies offer speedy delivery services, leaving you and your customers happy and satisfied. Moreover, as these companies benefit from economies of scale, they’re able to charge lesser amount for deliveries. So you no longer have to pass on this cost to customers.

Last, but not the least, accuracy of order delivery is important as it tremendously impacts the buying process. Customers want to be assured that they receive the same item they ordered online, undamaged. Expect customer satisfaction to go downhill if they receive items they never ordered, items that have been shipped in lesser quantities, or at worst, damaged.

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