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Meet Michael: Shipfusion’s Newest Developer

We’re always expanding and developing our wonderful team. We are pleased to welcome our latest team member, Michael Tarasca, as our new Student PHP Developer. Check out our Q&A below to find out more about him.

1. What has your career this far looked like in the tech industry?

Well, so far, I am still in the beginnings of my career in the tech industry. I started the computer programming and analysis program at Seneca about a year ago. I was hired here at Shipfusion in May as a co-op student for the next four months and am excited to learn as much as possible with everyone!

2. What plans do you see for Shipfusion? 

From what I’ve seen, and heard from everyone in the team, it seems Shipfusion has nowhere to go but up right now. I think with the current shift towards e-Commerce, businesses like Shipfusion are necessary for companies to be able to keep up with the times. I want to see Shipfusion become the best fulfillment company in the world!

What are you most excited about in your new role?

There are two things that I am most excited about being here at Shipfusion. The first is being able to make something that thousands of people will be using every day. There is a certain sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with that that I really enjoy. The second is working with professional developers with years upon years of experience. I think this is the perfect opportunity for me to grow and hopefully be a much better programmer by the end of this.

Favorite Social Media Platform: 

I don’t really use social media but the one I check the most is probably Instagram.

Last Online Purchase: 

My last online purchase was a fuzz guitar pedal. Pedals are one of those things that I keep telling myself I have enough of but seem to keep finding reasons to buy more…

Last Gadget Purchase:

I don’t really know what classifies as a gadget but the last electronic device I bought was new controllers for my Nintendo switch. If you know the stick drift, then you know…

What Website I visit the Most:

The website I visit most often is Watching people stream is kind of like listening to a podcast for me except I don’t have to pay attention to what they are saying. This makes it perfect for when I want some background noise when working or playing a game and don’t feel like listening to music.

Welcome, Michael!  

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