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Meet Chris & Laurie: Shipfusion’s new Technical Lead & Account Manager

We’re always expanding and developing our wonderful team and growing our eCommerce Fulfillment Center, so we are pleased to welcome our two latest team members, Chris Bornhoft as our new Technical Lead and Laurie Thomas as a new Account Manager. Read our Q&A below to find out more about them. 

Chris Bornhoft 

Chris Bornhoft joined our eCommerce Fulfillment Center

1. What has your career this far looked like in the tech industry?

At 19, I started my first company while in college, mostly doing IT support for small businesses and nonprofits. After college, I slowly transitioned to software development, creating small ERPs and an online learning education platform. I’ve been fortunate to work on so many great projects with awesome people!

2. What plans do you see for Shipfusion? 

So far, the most exciting part of working at Shipfusion’s eCommerce Fulfillment Center has been the wide variety of tasks that I’ve been able to try. I believe that Shipfusion is creating new innovative processes that will change the way eCommerce fulfillment is run. 

Honestly, with technology at the forefront of every facet of Shipfusion, and the incredible leadership, I see no reason why we can’t be a global leader. The sky’s the limit. Let’s get planes in the air!

What are you most excited about in your new role?

For me, it’s always the most rewarding to mentor other developers and see them progress and transition. As a technical lead, I have always been interested in learning and trying out new things, and Shipfusion provides an excellent opportunity for that. There are different kinds of exciting projects to work on and talented team members to collaborate with. 

Favourite Social Media Platform: Reddit

Last online purchase: I’m starting some construction projects, so lots of power tools!

Last Gadget purchase: Jaybird Vista Earbuds

What Website I visit the most:

Welcome, Chris! 

Laurie Thomas 

Laurie Thomas joined our eCommerce Fulfillment Center

What has your career this far looked like in the tech industry?

My career thus far in the tech industry has been adventurous. I’ve been blessed with on-the-job training with brilliant software engineers, software developers, scrum masters, network engineers, system engineers, application systems engineers, and quality assurance testers. I worked side-by-side with this talented tech team on an ecosystem of integrations for new and existing clients in the omnichannel fulfillment space including ERP integration, API integration, responsive web design and development, multi-platform functionality, intranet/extranet development and advanced analytics and reporting.

What plans do you see for Shipfusion?

I see great opportunities for Shipfusion’ss eCommerce Fulfillment Center to grow an already comprehensive and intelligent operation. The synergy between our Sales and Account Management teams will allow for top-notch onboarding of new clients/brands. There is a feeling in the air that we are an exclusive logistics club for our clients, in that our clients can genuinely place their business on cruise control. At the same time, Shipfusion handles every aspect of fulfilment with our proprietary driven technology.

I look forward to cultivating that atmosphere.

What are you most excited about in your new role?

There are many reasons to be excited about my new role. However, the most thrilling would be partnering with clients/brands to grow their dream, their business. These brands have a vision for their products to make their customers’ experience/life better and more joyful. That’s what I’m most happy to be a part of. 

Favourite Social Media Platform: Facebook – yes, I’m old school. But I love seeing my favourite people and their families on there, and it’s also pretty darn easy to set up party invites. Planning events should be smarter, not harder, am I right? 

Last Online Purchase: My last purchase was Lashes by MoxieLash

Last Gadget Purchase: The last gadget/toy I purchased was “The Most Tricked-Out Flying Spinner,” which is a hand-operated drone, basically a UFO flying toy with 360 degrees rotating and shining LED lights. Yes, I’m a kid at heart, but you know you want one too!

What Website I visit the Most: This is a toss-up between Amazon, ButcherBox and Imperfect Produce. Amazon is where I acquire all my “things”. ButcherBox is where I procure all my high-quality meat. And Imperfect Produce is where I purchase all my organic produce. Now… My favourite site is Dry Farms Wines! They are one of the very few health-focused natural wine merchants globally, and their wines meet the purest standards of consumable health products with and taste-free of chemicals and additives.  

Welcome, Laurie!

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