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Key Ideas with Shipfusion’s Senior Solutions Architect: Part Two

Choosing the right partner can make or break your company’s logistics, customer service, and repeat purchases. Using a fulfillment center like Shipfusion frees you from navigating the fulfillment landscape with zero stress. Below are some insights on how Shipfusion can take your business to the next level.

Most of the important factors when choosing a fulfillment center are understanding the company’s software because at the end of the day it all comes down to how well the technology integrates and works with your retail store. Logistics tends to be one of the most neglected segments of the whole eCommerce journey. It never is the highlight or the feature, it’s unglamorous but many companies underestimate how important it is until it becomes a problem. We sat down with Shipfusion’s Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist, Dean Bentley-Falcke for a 3 part series on how to better understand what questions you should be asking when considering a potential partnership with a fulfillment solution. 

How Does Shipfusion handle peak periods and high volume loads such as Black Friday? 

As the solutions architect, part of my job is to always address scalability and to make sure that no matter what’s going on in the system, that we’re not held back by the software. I always like to say the phrase that I hope we run out of warehouse before we run out of software. The solution must be stable and scalable no matter what we throw at it, addressing a combination of the latest technologies and techniques is what keeps Shipfusion the leading fulfillment provider. Shipfusion is constantly readdressing the platform and making sure that it can handle increased volumes, our great success story is how we have kept up with volumes on Black Friday and planning for the percentage increase that comes with Black Friday and the massive scalability. The shipping volume loads that we experienced in April, March and May this year rivalled to Black Friday– during 2019 at no point did our solution give us any sort of scalability problems. There are many things that we are doing and I think the proof is in the pudding that our clients can drop as many shipments as they like at this point– it’s more about capacity and their inventory than our physical processing. Shipfusion has done a lot over the last year to ensure that we can scale, especially considering that we’re now moving to larger premises– we’re talking about a four times increase in physical capacity so I’ve always got to look at scaling in magnitudes and for us to scale to a magnitude of at least 10 times than what our current software is handling is technically feasible. 

How does Shipfusion scale and provide security to clients? 

Scalability isn’t always glamorous as other areas of tech including security, many clients might have that lingering question of the security of Shipfusion’s platform and what are we doing. Scalability and security sometimes are boring concepts they don’t come with that marketing sizzle but what happens if you don’t address them, is they become big headlines that cause major problems. We here at Shipfusion recognize that what’s critical for us is to make sure that our basics are taken care of so scalability and security are always the main focus as we continue to evolve our platform, which includes making sure every day that the data is always kept safe and secure. We have very close integrations with our clients including Shopify stores in which we carry their customer’s addresses and contact information– making it extremely important that we take intensive care about our security and the security of our platform. There’s a number of industry best practices that we follow and we’re constantly evolving when it comes to scalability and security, not glamorous, but they’re definitely on our radar. Since I’ve come on board with Shipfusion our whole tech department has the same attitude and goal of what is Shipfusion’s next level– we’ve been focusing a lot on improvements and changes that aren’t always very visible to the clients but we are definitely going into a phase now where we’re going to be focusing very much on our portal and our platform–We have a lot of exciting new features that are lined up for release, right now we are just double checking, triple checking and testing that everything is fine. There’s a lot of things that our clients have told us that they want to have within the portal and tech and we take notice of that. Looking forward, we have an exciting summer to fall release package, not just cosmetic changes including an exciting new dashboard but also new great technical ways of managing products.

How is Innovation is the force behind Shipfusion?

There’s a lot of innovation that we’re trying to bring into managing your shipments as seamlessly and easy as possible, there’s a lot of force that we’ve put into giving our clients the ability to manage their business by themselves. We recognize that the account management experience is always top of mind, and we don’t want to lose that, but at the same time, we believe that there’s a lot of value we can give our clients through innovation. We can get value out of giving our clients the power and we are constantly seeking ways to empower our clients’ needs to run their eCommerce business and to run it their way. That will be the key theme in our summer/fall release program, where we’re going to see some great enhancements coming through on the customer platform.

Make sure to check out next week’s post for PART 3 of our conversation with Dean to find more about what you should expect from your fulfillment company. 

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