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Here’s How You Create The Perfect eCommerce Returns Policy

If you own and operate an eCommerce store but don’t have a returns policy right now, you may be setting yourself up for a lot of trouble and hassle down the line.

Having a comprehensive eCommerce returns policy inspires confidence in customers and highlights your dedication to fine-tuning customer service. Even in cases where the customer is not satisfied with your products, a smooth returns process will guarantee their return.

Returns Policy Tips for eCommerce Businesses

We understand, there might a lot of confusion when writing the returns policy for the first time. Check out this handy tips to get started:

Remember That All Sales Aren’t FINAL

If a customer doesn’t like your product, there is no reason why you should make it difficult for them to return it. The condition of the product obviously helps decide whether you will refund their full payment or half, but making the returns process easy will definitely make your customers feel valued.

Try To Prevent Returns

People are going to return products when they don’t like it or find the purchase disappointing. You can cut down chances of returns by working on product descriptions and product images. If all your products are displayed the right way and the description includes everything from A to Z, you will dramatically reduce the number of returns.

Keep It Jargon Free

Avoid using excessive legal jargon in the policy. Using complicated language that compels customers to pull out their dictionaries will only disappoint them. Use simple English to make sure all sorts of customers understand it easily.

Don’t Surprise With Hidden Costs

Nothing drives a customer away faster than unanticipated costs. Don’t hide any costs. If you want customers to pay for return shipping let them in the policy.

Highlight Time Limitations

It is completely okay to mention a return time frame within the policy. You don’t want to accept returns that come months later. Therefore, it is crucial to tell your customers the amount of time they have before they can return the product.

Exchange Or Cash?

Don’t forget to specify how you will deal with the return. Will you return cash or exchange the item? All business owners have different preferences. Obviously, it comes down to nature of your products and the extend of usage/damage the product has sustained.

A complete returns policy can help clear out all confusions beforehand so that you don’t face any liabilities later. What’s even more important is having a product fulfillment service that can help you deal with returns and exchanges easily.

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