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Website Design Tips To Boost Sales For Your eCommerce Site

Featuring exceptional products for the right people is the way to run eCommerce stores. However, the way you present it plays an equally important role in determining how your target audiences receive it. Your eCommerce website design matters!

Website Design For eCommerce

Of course, you want an eCommerce website design that is visually appealing and offers a great customer shopping experience. However, there are plenty of other important factors to consider:

To attract visitor attention, it is important to have a featured items section on the homepage. It won’t just let them know what you are really about at a single glance, but will also help ease the purchase process by giving them a few options.

Use this section to highlight items that are seasonal or you are currently trying to promote. Moreover, it is also a good idea to include a few featured items at the bottom of each product page. However, remember to think contextually: what item would complement the products a customer is really interested in buying?

Easy Navigation

The type and placement of the navigation menu plays an important role in determining user experience for your website. The options should preferably be on top of the website and should be clearly visible.

At the same time, it is also important to keep the menu simple. Cramping in too many options could easily end up confusing customers. If there are multiple categories, consider using drop-down menus that disappear when the user hovers away.

If you offer thousands of products, a good approach would be using a side menu bar, with categories and filers, to facilitate them.

Reviews Are Highly Effective

While service oriented businesses have been traditionally including reviews across their homepages, as an ecommerce store, you should also distribute testimonials across your website. Why so? Reviews might just be the thing to turn prospects into repeat customers.

At the same time, reviews are even more important for individual products. Customers browsing your website would feel like they can trust you because you are willing to share previous client feedback on your website.

Online customers are looking for easily accessible products and information at all times.

The homepage should be able to identify what your company is really about while allowing customers to navigate easily.

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