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Choosing Your Order Shipping Carrier: It’s All About Balance!

We are often asked which order shipping carrier we prefer to use for our customers. The answer – as you might suspect – is that it depends. Every company has a different product and different needs when shipping.

For example – a company that ships books will know about USPS Media Mail which offers very low rates for items that are described as “Media” (Books, Newspapers, CD’s). However, while the rates are low, the service is slower than USPS First Class or Priority. In addition, the packages are not insured. So if one goes missing, you are out of luck. If you are shipping a book, a couple of lost shipments might not a big deal.

But what if you are shipping a set of China? All of a sudden, insurance becomes a large factor and a service like Media Mail wouldn’t work for your needs. You might be willing to pay $3-$5 more and ship your item with UPS, with full insurance.

Order Shipping For Your eCommerce Business

Generally speaking, local carriers such as USPS and Canada Post tend to be cheaper for light products. As your products get more expensive and more fragile, it’s better to look at carriers such as UPS and FedEx. Not only do the prices become more competitive, they will handle your items with more care.

Remember – It never hurts to make sure your shipments are adequately covered with insurance!

Use a Fulfillment Company!

The easiest and most cost-effective solution is to use the services of a fulfillment company that specializes in inventory management and has access to the most competitive shipping rates. You can save yourself the hassle of warehouse storage, order fulfillment, shipping and receiving!

Contact us! We can help you decide on the best shipping solution for your business.

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