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Are Same-Day Deliveries The Future Of eCommerce Order Shipping?

Over the past years, the massive boom in the number of eCommerce websites has made the needs of today’s customers evident. Convenience is key, and same-day eCommerce order shipping is becoming the norm.

Customers don’t have time to head down to a store and shop anymore.

They want their favorite goods and the ones they need, in an effortless way that is loaded with convenience.

And all of us would agree that nothing can be more convenient than having something delivered to our doorstep after a quick online search and a few clicks.

At the same time, business owners have also started figuring out what today’s consumer behavior is truly about—we don’t just want all products conveniently, but we need them right NOW!

The Rise of eCommerce and Same-Day Order Shipping

Ecommerce Is Taking Over Brick And Mortar Stores

Many business owners who operate brick-and-mortar stores are now jumping on the ecommerce bandwagon and creating ecommerce websites as a highly effective approach to reaching out to customers.

This is beating the already established competition that has a much broader variety than most physical stores. The growingly fierce online environment has given way to a need of urgency while making affordable and lightning quick shipping solutions important.

‘Free Shipping’ Is Now The Standard

For a while now, ‘free shipping’ has been the go-to competitive shipping option for most eCommerce stores, but things are changing with the ever-evolving mindset of modern customers.

Business owners are now picking up on the fact that free shipping can no longer be the game-changer. It is so widely used that customers expect it as soon as they land on their website.

Ecommerce business owners are beginning to realize that to secure the sweet spot in a customer’s mind, same-day deliveries may be the only way to survive and grow.

Ecommerce Giants Testing Out Same-Day Shipping

Large online retailers like Amazon are already working on shipping strategies that allow customer to receive their orders within hours or later, on the same day.

Even though it sounds perfect, there are a number of things that need to be considered, including specific time slots for same-day dispatches, limited product options, limited service areas and of course the added cost for customers.

Is Same-Day Shipping The Future?

Same-day deliveries don’t just appeal to the last minute haphazard buyer; students, parents, people who don’t have cars all have the common need for hassle-free, quick shipping.

As the demand for same-day shipping continues to grow—practically every day—shipping companies are also beginning to test out beta programs to come up with affordable and efficient same-day delivery options that are accessible for all eCommerce business owners.

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