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4 Tips for Cutting eCommerce Shipping Costs

How a business chooses to ship products and items to its customers makes a big difference in improving or damaging cost-effectiveness. In the end, all businesses look for ways by which they can lower costs – and eCommerce shipping costs are usually the first department explored.

“Shipping by water is cheaper than by rail, which is cheaper than by truck” – Rick Scott.

How to Cut eCommerce Shipping Costs

Use Packaging Provided By Selected Carrier

Do you use your own packaging and boxing materials? This could cost you additional dimensional fees in eCommerce shipping costs if the box size exceeds regulations set by FedEx and UPS.

Many shipping carriers offer their own packaging and boxing materials which are according to size regulations and don’t tack on dimensional fees. Take advantage of this service!

Utilize Pick-Up Points

How do PUPs, or pick-up points, work in the first place? Imagine your eCommerce business sells hand-painted bowls and ships the items to individual customers. There is no point in shipping ordered items to individual addresses, is there?

You can easily arrange shipping and delivery with a local kitchen store, from where your customers can pick up their ordered items from easily.

You will save eCommerce shipping costs by shipping a large number of items in a single shipment as well as save on packaging costs.

Get Help from Technology

Modern shipping technology provides a lot of advantages to eCommerce businesses, saving both time and money.

Automated order fulfillment and shipping software are available in the market, providing features that can facilitate and cut eCommerce shipping costs.

You can do so much after integrating automated software in your supply chain processes from tracking shipments to taking advantage of warehouse space.

Additionally, many service providers offer multiple carrier options to choose from, which improve the shipping process as well.

Give Prepaid Shipping a Chance

Prepaid shipping in the freight world means the cost of shipping for items has already been paid. Prepaid shipping is often nonrefundable and automated – a service offered by many postal carriers.

Additionally, you can enjoy discounted rates if using a prepaid shipping service or labels. This way you won’t have to pay for each package when shipping.

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Dean Bentley-Falcke
Senior Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist
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