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Tips To Create An eCommerce Checkout Process That Converts

Cart abandonment affects roughly 70% of all online orders. It can be frustrating to may retailers. They put in all the details; all that’s left is the payment. What went wrong? Why are cart abandonment rates off the charts? The answer lies in the eCommerce checkout process.

You can dramatically reduce cart abandonment by optimizing the checkout process. How so?

Step in to the customer’s shoes for a bit. You spend hours deciding the dress you want to order, add it to your cart and move to checkout.

You fill out pages and pages of personal details—name, address, phone number, zip code, street number, mobile number and move on to the next page which asks you for even more information.

Okay, may be this is the last page. Next page is a complicated returns policy you’d have to watch Boston Legal to comprehend.

This is where disappointment kicks in. You decide to give up, abandoning your cart and wondering ‘maybe I’ll do this some other time when I am free’ or ‘why don’t I order from XYZ? They have a one page checkout’.

Simplify Your eCommerce Checkout Process

The solution to this problem? Make the process simpler. Don’t know where to start? Use these tips:

Provide Clear CTAs

The CTAs across all pages of your eCommerce checkout process should be descriptive, yet specific. They should tell the customer exactly what you want them to do next. This is even more important if the checkout process is spread over multiple pages.

Instead of sticking with the robotic ‘proceed’ or ‘continue’ go for something more specific like ‘Payment for order completion’ or ‘Review cart’.

Cut Out Unnecessary Fields

While it is largely based on the eCommerce payment process platform you use, you might come across many fields in checkout forms that you do not need. Let’s face it, nobody likes to fill out forms. By cutting out irrelevant fields, you cut down the effort customers need to put in for the products they need to order.

You can even go for a one-page checkout. This form of checkout takes in all the information needed on one page to effectively close the sale there and then.

Allow Customers To Register

Can’t cut out any fields and have no other option than to make your customers go through the tiresome process of filling forms? Give customers the option to register after their first purchase!

Don’t bring up the registration process before but after they have purchased something. You will have all the information needed within the checkout forms, they would have already made a commitment in the form of their order and they wouldn’t need to go through the exhausting process again.

Remember to implement these tips one by one and check what impact these changes have on your sales and cart abandonment rates.

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Dean Bentley-Falcke
Senior Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist
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