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Shipfusion + Shopify App Store

We’re thrilled to announce that Shipfusion has joined Shopify’s app store. 

This is a fantastic addition showcasing all the hard work our team has put in over the last year. 

The Shopify team approves apps that help serve their eCommerce merchants with excellence. 

By meeting the above Shopify requirements, we believe we’re hitting our goals to make eCommerce Shopify fulfillment more effortless and intuitive for our clients– While at the same time empowering entrepreneurs with robust inventory management tool capabilities, so you can build long-lasting relationships with your customers one order at a time.

Thank you for your continuous support, and please reach out to your account manager or support if you have any questions regarding the new Shipfusion/Shopify app. 


The Shipfusion Management Team

“Part of the theme at Shipfusion is that we don't constrain our clients. We work with them as business partners, which allows them great flexibility to work with other 3PL solutions and still take advantage of Shipfusion services.”

Dean Bentley-Falcke
Senior Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist
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