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Rockwell Razors Streamlines D2C and Wholesale Fulfillment

Learn how Rockwell Razors set up their fulfillment to scale with their skyrocketing growth across their direct-to-consumer (D2C) and wholesale channels.

Switching To Full Automation

Rockwell Razors is a successful subscription company offering eco-friendly low-waste razors for sensitive skin. Initially, the company set up the use of two warehouses; one for wholesale and one for direct to consumer- which made for a stressful and complicated shipping process. Rockwell switched over to Shipfusion for fulfillment services and was able to let the multi-functional company take over many aspects of processing including; inventory management and pick and pack.

  • Rockwell was able to increase sales and product movement after signing on with Shipfusion
  • Shipfusion’s unique in-house made technology was able to effortlessly integrate with Rockwell Razors system
  • Inventory management made it easy to cross-sell over all platforms

Creating Predictable Fulfillment Through Shipfusion

Rockwell wanted to fulfill its orders without stress and full-time monitoring allowing product to be stored, packed and shipped without its founder doing it all.

The business was run out of Founder Gareth Everad’s small apartment, the volume of boxes and inventory was overcrowding the space. Shipfusion’s temperature-controlled and FDA approved warehouses across the US and Canada were a great fit for the company. Along with fulfillment services Rockwell was looking for a more seamless addition to its software when it came to tracking orders across multiple sites. Shipfusion’s 3-5-minute product sweep helped solve that problem. Rockwell was unable to figure out an economically friendly option for shipping internationally- so did not offer international shipping services. Once Shipfusion took over fulfillment duties Rockwell as able to open its product up to international customers.

  • Shipping out of Founder Gareth Everad’s small apartment
  • Could not ship internationally

Expansion into the US and Revenue Returns

Rockwell’s business has skyrocketed since working with Shipfusion. Sales have increased, Rockwell’s product is now available to international consumers and Rockwell’s founder has been able to be less hands-on when it comes to shipping, tracking and customer support. Rockwell continues to work with Shipfusion and has no plan to slow down.

  • Communication with Shipfusion was easy
  • Shipfusion made us feel like we mattered even though we are not a huge company
  • You get what you pay for with fulfillment services
  • Ability to scale up
  • They can keep up with increase flow days
  • Shipfusion puts attention to detail in our shipments and gets them out on time to our customers
  • Shipfusion can handle all volumes of shipments

About Rockwell Razors

Rockwell Razors was born out of a belief that the world needs a real alternative to overpriced cartridge razors and gimmick-filled shave clubs. In a world dominated by fads, impermanence, and short-term thinking, we’re building a family of customers who think differently.

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