Province Apothecary's Multi-Warehouse Fulfillment Success

Learn how Province Apothecary implemented a multi-warehouse fulfillment strategy that has scaled with them even as they've doubled sales in every year since joining Shipfusion.

The Journey from Small Business to an Enterprise Operation

Province Apothecary is a thriving organic, ethically-sourced skincare product line. Initially, the company was running out of a small warehouse in Toronto, managing its inventory, shipping, receiving and returns across North America. Shipfusion was the first third-party logistics company Province Apothecary signed on with. Once partnered with Shipfusion, the leadership team at Province Apothecary instantly felt a weight lifted. They were able to get orders out quickly, and even faster than before, Shipfusion was able to project growth and facilitate growth.

  • Province Apothecary was able to increase sales and product movement after signing on with Shipfusion
  • Shipfusion’s unique in-house made technology was able to effortlessly integrate with Province Apothecary shopping channels and custom workflows
  • Shipfusion’s multiple warehouse locations across the US helped Province Apothecary distribute its products faster and reach new locations

Manual Input to Automation

Province Apothecary was having a hard time keeping pace with fulfilling and shipping out orders to its wide range of customers. The skincare company was quickly growing out of its small warehouse space in Toronto. Shipfusion’s wide range of inventory and warehouse space was a big selling-point for Province Apothecary, especially Shipfusion’s Toronto and Chicago locations, which were extremely beneficial for the skincare company to set up its central hub for shipping and inventory management in the US. Shipfusion’s space capacity was a big draw for Province Apothecary and the concept of reducing human error. Shipfusion brought in processes such as scanning SKUs before being shipped out, drastically eliminating human error on orders. The delivery speeds were unpredictable before partnering with Shipfusion since Province Apothecary’s team split valuable time between production and distribution. Once partnering with Shipfusion, the skincare company was able to outsource the distribution side of fulfilling orders and focus more time on creating a great product.

  • Provided an affordable and easy option to move wholesale and individual shipments at a fast-pace
  • Shipfusion provided instantaneous inventory updates, ease of use

“We have doubled in sales every year since we partnered with Shipfusion.”
Hilary Chan, Director of Operations


Meeting Deadlines and Increased Product Sales

Since working with Shipfusion, Province Apothecary increased product sales and delegated workload off the leadership team. Inventory management technology helped the skincare company expand its sales on multiple marketplaces and ship out immediately to customers across North America.

  • Provided an affordable and accessible option to move wholesale and individual shipments at a fast-pace
  • Shipfusion provided instantaneous inventory updates, ease of use
  • Shipfusion’s inventory management software helped play and toggle with shipment orders
  • Shipfusion’s website and software are very user-friendly

The Sky is the Limit

Province Apothecary’s business has continued to grow at a rapid rate since partnering up with Shipfusion. The popular skincare company was able to take a step back when it comes to fulfilment, and with Shipfusion’s impressive warehouse-size, more product was able to transit orders. Province Apothecary continues to work with Shipfusion and is even looking to expand its product into Shipfusion’s warehouse space in LA with no plan to slow down.

  • Shipfusion is extremely customer and user-friendly
  • Shipfusion made us feel like we mattered even though we are not a huge company
  • Province Apothecary was able to better understand and deal with customs shipping
  • Province Apothecary is always in constant communication with Shipfusion’s team
  • Shipfusion can keep up with increase flow days
  • Shipfusion adheres to delivery times within Province Apothecary’s business goals
  • Shipfusion helped Province Apothecary fulfill orders to bigger clients in the US
  • Shipfusion has helped Province Apothecary grow and implement new processes that were necessary to grow and expand the company
  • Province Apothecary has been able to fulfill deadlines for wholesale customers after partnering with Shipfusion.

About Province Apothecary

Province Apothecary is a natural holistic skincare company that provides high-quality, ethically sourced pure ingredient products at a fair price-point. The company was founded in Toronto by Julie Clark. Clark started Province Apothecary because she had eczema and was tired of using steroids and cortisone creams, hoping there had to be another solution. After listening to the concerns of her clients, Clark decided to create a line that was gentle enough for everyone to use well-being effective enough to battle problem skin with only the cleanest ingredients.

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