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How Dr. Dobias Natural Healing Increased Customer Satisfaction and Revenue with Shipfusion

Learn how Dr. Dobias Natural Healing fixed the poor performance of their previous fulfillment partner by switching to Shipfusion. The resulting improvement in customer experience resulted in positive reviews and more revenue.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction and Revenue with Shipfusion


Dr. Dobias Natural Healing is a successful natural healing and supplement nutrition program for dogs. Initially, the company was using another fulfilment company other than Shipfusion, a large number of orders were lost, the product was packed poorly, packages arrived to customers broken, shipping times were slow, and communication with the previous fulfillment company was difficult at best. Dr. Dobias shortly meet up with Shipfusion’s CEO Brandon Luft, and signed on to the fulfillment company. Shortly after signing on with Shipfusion, orders were moving faster than ever, and products arrived in perfect condition to customers. Shipping times increased, and Shipfusion’s custom integrated software helped keep inventory up to date and move product quickly.


  • Dr. Dobias Natural Healing products were move being tracked and placed in inventory properly.
  • Dr. Dobias was able to give customers a more positive experience when it came to shipping communication and order arrival times.
  • Shipfusion was able to support promotions and bundle sale sets when it came to picking and packing services.
  • Shipfusions support function is super easy to navigate, quick and reliable.

Re-Establishing the Brand

Dr. Dobias was currently working with a previous fulfillment company and felt consistent stress when orders were being shipped out poorly or even with damaged packaging and extremely delayed arrival times. Dr. Dobias was having difficultly with real-time updates on the multiple marketplaces where the product was being sold. He was looking for a company that could fulfill the company’s needs when it came to temperature-controlled warehouse space to keep the vitamins and nutritional supplements at the proper temperature without spoiling the product. He wanted a fulfillment company that would help gain better online product reviews through the shipping and receiving process.

  • Poor reviews online due to a previous fulfillment company that shipped out product late and damaged product.
  • The previous fulfillment company was unable to efficiently track products on multiple marketplaces.
  • Needed to find a fulfillment company that had easy communication and account manager support.

“Shipfusion is one of the best things that’s ever happened to us, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Dr. Peter Dobias, Founder


Seamless Support and Product Care

Since working with Shipfusion, Dr. Dobias was able to increase product sales and customer reach. It also helped Dr. Dobias improve site reviews with better shipping and receiving experience for customers. Shipfusion was able to seamlessly integrate into Dr. Dobias’s software.


  • Customer care and inventory management have been A+ with full access to Shipfusion’s account managers.
  • On-boarding and the setup process was simple and easy to understand.
  • Shipfusion cared about the product made sure each shipment was packed properly and would not arrive to the customer damaged.
  • Direct integration
  • Streamlined technology platform flow and functionality

Rapid Growth and International Expansion


Dr.Dobias business has skyrocketed since working with Shipfusion. Sales have increased, Dr. Dobias Natural Health products now have a 4.9 review rating, with many reviews describing the flawless ordering and shipping experience. Dr. Dobias was one of Shipfusion’s first clients and has no plan to slow down but to expand its products to even more multi-warehouse locations. Dr. Dobias is looking into eco-friendly packaging, fulfilled by Shipfusion to expand his ideology on reducing the carbon footprint and protecting the planet.


  • Onboarding was easy, and communication with the Shipfusion team was quick and reliable.
  • Easy and seamless set-up with full access to Shipfusion’s support staff
  • Shipfusion puts attention to detail in our shipments and gets them out on time for our customers.
  • Customized software integrations helped monitor ingoing and outgoing inventory on several eCommerce marketplaces.
  • The customer portal is very fluid and easy to use
  • Since signing on with Shipfusion, online ratings have gone up to 4.9/5 stars


About Dr. Dobias Natural Health

Dr. Dobias Natural Healing is a series of supplements and vitamins for dogs. Dr. Peter Dobias is a leading veterinarian with over 30 years of experience in both traditional and holistic veterinary medicine. As a dog lover, Dr. Dobias understands how much your dog can mean to you, and from that belief, he created a unique system of natural healing products for canines.

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