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With eCommerce fulfillment centers in Toronto and across North America, our fully managed and operated warehouses, expert inventory management, and robust real-time technology let you focus on fast growth without the stress.

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Expert 3PL Services in Toronto

Toronto is a vital distribution center for any eCommerce business. It is why, as a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) provider, we have an eCommerce fulfillment center in Toronto. Operated directly by our in-house team, you never need to worry about who handles your products or whether inventory and order data are accurate.

By outsourcing your logistics to a 3PL service provider in Toronto, you can free up your time and resources to focus on other areas of your business, like marketing, growth, and innovation. With Shipfusion’s experience and expertise in logistics, you can provide a higher level of fulfillment service to your customers.

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Our 3PL Service in Toronto

#1 Rated 3PL Company for eCommerce

eCommerce Fulfillment

As an eCommerce fulfillment company, we have relationships with major shipping carriers. These relationships allow us to provide you with the best rates and next-day guaranteed shopping options. Fulfillment centers in Toronto and throughout North America enable quick delivery and even temperature-controlled product storage.
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Inventory Management

We handle everything you need to control and maintain inventory and shipments. The Shipfusion platform automatically updates inventory data as orders enter the system, providing a real-time snapshot of your products across every sales channel and facility, including your Toronto fulfillment center.
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Robust Technology and Integrations

Shipfusion easily integrates with popular eCommerce apps and includes an intuitive, web-based app that lets you manage inventory and fulfillment on any device. Our onboarding team ensures data accuracy for new customers with a complete analysis of SKUs and multiple tests run between Shipfusion and existing systems.

Our 3PL Service in Toronto

In the bustling world of ecommerce, the decision of where to establish a fulfillment center can significantly shape a business’s success. Toronto, the cosmopolitan capital of Ontario, is a beacon of opportunity in this regard. Known for its diversity and vibrancy, Toronto offers a myriad of strategic advantages that are hard to overlook.

One of Toronto’s star features is its strategic location. With easy access to major North American markets, a fulfillment center here allows for swift and efficient distribution of products. This geographical advantage keeps transit times low, ensuring prompt delivery to the consumer.

What complements this location advantage is Toronto’s sophisticated infrastructure. The city has an excellent network of highways, rail systems, and airports, ensuring optimal connectivity. Moreover, with major shipping players like DHL, FedEx, and UPS operating extensive networks in Toronto, seamless transportation and delivery of goods becomes the norm.

Toronto also boasts a robust consumer market. Being the most populous city in Canada, it provides a large customer base that can be easily reached from a local fulfillment center. This means customers receive their orders faster, improving their overall shopping experience.

Toronto is also home to a thriving tech sector, known for its advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. Harnessing these innovations can lead to more efficient operations within a fulfillment center, promoting productivity and profitability.

The city’s business landscape is equally attractive. Numerous multinational corporations have operations in Toronto, creating a dynamic business community and opening doors for collaborations and partnerships.

Lastly, the cultural richness and diversity of Toronto can have a positive impact on a brand’s image. Having a presence in Toronto signifies a connection with a rich, multicultural community, enhancing brand appeal.

In summary, the strategic location, advanced infrastructure, large consumer base, thriving tech sector, dynamic business environment, and cultural richness make Toronto an excellent choice for an ecommerce fulfillment center. By opting for Toronto, businesses can expect improved logistics, shorter delivery times, and a superior shopping experience for their customers.

The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Toronto Fulfillment Center


Save Money

One of the most common reasons companies use a 3PL service provider in Toronto is to save money. That is exactly what we do for you. We often get discounts from carriers because of our business volume, passing those savings on to you. By leveraging our expertise, we can also help optimize your logistics operations to reduce costs further.


Improve Service

With years of experience as a 3PL service provider in Toronto, our logistics expertise helps improve your company’s eCommerce fulfillment services. We optimize your logistics by choosing the most efficient and effective shipping methods, routes, and carriers.


Increase Flexibility

Increase the flexibility of your logistics operations. If you need to increase or decrease your shipping volume on short notice, our 3PL warehouse in Toronto can quickly and easily adjust its services to meet your needs and expand your fulfillment center.


Reduce Risk

Reduce the risk associated with your logistics operations. If you ship many perishable goods, our 3PL service location in Toronto can help you choose carriers with experience shipping such goods and the proper refrigerated trucks.


Improved Focus

Free up your time and resources to focus on other areas of your business. When you outsource your logistics to a 3PL service provider in Toronto, you can focus on your core competencies and leave the logistics to the experts. We oversee all your inventory management services, including tracking stock levels, movements, and locations and generating reports and alerts.

Leverage the Power of Shipfusion’s Fulfillment Network

With fulfillment centers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Toronto, our clients can reach a significant portion of the most densely populated areas in the US and Canada while taking advantage of our cost-effective shipping methods and reducing transit times. Our warehouse locations are purposely situated near the distribution facilities of all major shipping carriers, ensuring our clients’ packages are processed quickly and injected into the transportation system on time.
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Is Shipfusion right for you?

  • Our scalable capacity makes it easy to meet fluctuating demand
  • Our hands-on onboarding team helps build and test integrations
  • View order data across every channel as it populates in real time
  • Our triple-check system is applied to every order to ensure accuracy