Inventory Fulfillment

Shipfusion is able to provide a unique eCommerce fulfillment solution, with the ability to process and ship online orders from multiple sales platforms utilizing custom-built technology and a strategic warehouse network.

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eCommerce Fulfillment Rates

We offer clients simple and clear pricing focused on the processing of D2C orders and avoids many overhead fees that other providers charge. We have developed efficient techniques for processing eCommerce fulfillment orders to provide competitive pricing to our clients. Our high shipping volumes also allow us to leverage bulk discounts from our carrier partners and pass those savings onto our clients.

Inventory Fulfillment Features

Piece Picking

Handpick each product for an entire order as it comes into Shipfusion’s database.

Batch Picking

Orders can be executed in batches at one time instead of separately.

Zone Picking

Employees are assigned to one area of the warehouse and only pick one order at a time.

Order Processing

Easily integrate Shipfusion's fulfillment software with your sales channel to allow orders to be automatically received.

Inventory Storage

Add SKUs to Shipfusion's portal in order to keep track of the location and inventory counts.


Shipfusion weighs the package and determines the best shipping method for each order.


Shipfusion takes care of the packing process by placing products in appropriately sized packages, ensuring the final product arrives at the end destination as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. One key way to reduce shipping costs is to make sure the products are packed within the smallest packaging possible, allowing for quick turnaround and a high accuracy rate.


Is Shipfusion right for you?

  • Our scalable capacity makes it easy to meet fluctuating demand
  • Our hands-on onboarding team helps build and test integrations
  • View order data across every channel as it populates in real time
  • Our triple-check system is applied to every order to ensure accuracy

What our customers are saying..

“Shipfusion provided instantaneous inventory updates”

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Hilary Chan, Director of Operations
Province Apothecary

“Shipfusion has made it easy to sell over many eCommerce channels and keep an eye on inventory”

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Mikaella Go, Co-Founder

“Shipfusion made us feel like we mattered even though we are not a huge company”

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Gareth Everad, Founder
Rockwell Razors