Portal V2: Dashboard

7 min read
Sep. 12, 2022

Additional Options

Before we go over the dashboard, let’s take a look at the icons in the top right hand corner:

These icons represent the Ticket, Search, Apps,  visual mode toggle (Light or Dark), as well as your profile.

If you need to quickly create a support ticket, you can do so by selecting the ticket icon. This will allow you to easily create a ticket to submit to our team from anywhere in the portal. Depending on where you are on the portal, a shipment ID may pre-populate for you as well:

When selecting the magnifying glass, you can access our new and improved search function. You can select to search by only a specific type of shipment (Shipment, Wholesale, Projects, Incoming Inventory).

 If you want to search for specific criteria, you can select the drop down filter.

You can toggle between light or dark mode by selecting the sun icon or moon icon respectively. This will change the portal to a white or dark theme, depending on your preferences. 

Under the Apps icon, you can accessthe various Shipfusion apps outside of the portal.

Under your profile icon, you can access your profile, switch to another account, or sign out. If you are in dark mode, you will also have the option to toggle it off here:

If you select My Profile, you can make changes to your profile such as your photo and name:

You also have the ability to enable two-factor authentication, or change your email and password:

You can also Chat with either our Sales or Support team on any page in the portal by selecting the chat widget in the bottom right hand corner:

If chat is unavailable at the time you reach out, it will automatically create a ticket for you, and will be responded to when our Sales or Support team is once again available.

Dashboard Overview

Your Dashboard gives you a quick overview of many of the most important areas of your account. For Support and Pins, this information is user-specific, meaning that you will only see your own support tickets and pinned items on your dashboard.

Order Stats/Warehouses

 In the top widget, you can see a complete overview of your shipments by the amount in queue across all warehouses, as well as broken down by warehouse and status - all in real time:

Here is a breakdown of each status:

  • In Queue: Orders that are ready and awaiting pick
  • In Process: Orders that are currently being worked on (pick and pack)
    • Vertical scroll shows the shipment IDs that are In Process (shipment ID and order #)
  • Shipped: Orders that have shipped (for the current date)
  • Backorders: Orders that have out of stock inventory for 1 or more units
    • Horizontal scroll shows all SKUs in backorder


Under the Performance widget, you can see a quick breakdown of how well your products are performing on all direct sales channel integrations with Shipfusion, as well as manually created/imported orders: 

  • The data is based on order volume for the current month to date
  • The percentage metrics are based on the current month to date vs the previous month’s performance


Under the Billing widget, you can see a quick overview of your monthly spend, and any overdue balances or invoices. You can also toggle the currency between USD or CAD:

  • [Month] Spend: Rolling amount spent so far for the current month to date
  • Current Balance: Shows the overdue balance owing


For this widget, you can see the hours for our warehouses and if they are currently open and operating:


In the Support widget, you can see an overview of your tickets, quickly submit a new ticket, and see the contact information for your account manager:


You can see how many Projects and Wholesale shipments you have currently submitted, in drafts, and in progress at a quick glance from their respective widgets:

The Projects widget displays the current status of Projects under Drafts, Submitted, and In Progress.

  • Draft: Projects that are still under creation and have not been fully submitted yet
  • Submitted: Projects that have been fully submitted and awaiting approval by the Project Support Lead

In Progress: Projects that are in the hands of the warehouse Project Lead for work

The Wholesale widget displays the current status of Wholesale shipments under New, In Queue, and In Progress

  • New: Wholesale shipments awaiting warehouse Wholesale Lead’s approval
  • In Queue: Wholesale shipments approved and in queue for work
  • In Progress: Wholesale shipments currently being worked on


The Pins section allows you to pin specific items for easier access. You can sort through the types of pins on the right hand side:


The Inventory section shows you any current inbounds that are en-route to the warehouse. If you switch the tab in the top right to Low Stock, this section will show you which items need more inventory:


The Notifications sections gives you a quick overview of any items you still need to review or know about, such as new support tickets or if an inbound has been received: 

Top Products

The Top Products section shows you the top selling SKUs, and how many units have been ordered to date (all time).

The ranking is from most ordered to least ordered: