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Shipfusion’s Projects System allows clients to request any warehouse process that falls outside of standard eCommerce fulfillment processing, such as fulfilling B2B/Wholesale orders and kitting projects.

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What are Warehouse eCommerce Fulfillment Projects?

Shipfusion offers a wide range of Warehouse Projects required to meet the retailer’s demands after the product has arrived at our facility. A warehouse project is considered anything that is not a standard shipment, including B2B fulfillment, product kitting, labelling and retagging. Our flexibility to accommodate these kinds of warehouse projects is what makes us stand out compared to other eCommerce fulfillment companies.

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Easy to Set Up

Our clients can set up projects through the Shipfusion portal, which allows for detailed instructions, document attachments, and requested due dates. Our project management team reviews all projects to ensure the instructions and process are clear for the warehouse. Once approved, our clients can monitor the stages of a project in real-time as well as receive notifications of when a given project is complete.

B2B/Wholesale eCommerce Fulfillment

Through our projects system, Shipfusion can support our clients’ B2B and Wholesale businesses. We have tremendous experience handling the pack-up process for all major North American retailers, including labelling, pallet configuration, and lot recording. We can also fully support all freight needs within B2B processing utilizing our internal freight management system.

What is Kitting?

Kitting is the process of taking various yet related SKUs and combining them to make a new SKU. Most commonly, kitting involves fulfilling eCommerce orders by pre-assembling individual items into kits that are ready to be shipped, rather than picking and packing them individually. Creating kits is a great way to have a ready-to-ship set once a customer has placed an order online. It’s important to note that it doesn’t always make sense to kit items. Therefore, consulting with Shipfusion will help your business.

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Is Shipfusion right for you?

  • Our scalable capacity makes it easy to meet fluctuating demand
  • Our hands-on onboarding team helps build and test integrations
  • View order data across every channel as it populates in real time
  • Our triple-check system is applied to every order to ensure accuracy

What our customers are saying..

“Shipfusion has completely changed our entire returns management process. I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else.”

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Mikaella Go, Co-Founder

“Shipfusion is one of the best things that’s ever happened to us, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

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Dr. Peter Dobias, Founder
Dr. Dobias Natural Healing

“ We have doubled in sales every year since we partnered with Shipfusion.”

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Hilary Chan, Director of Operations
Province Apothecary