eCommerce Inventory Management

Shipfusion’s inventory management technology for eCommerce fulfillment ensures that all inventory is tracked from the time it arrives at a Shipfusion warehouse to when it ships out to an end customer.

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Shipfusion’s Inventory Management Software for eCommerce Fulfillment

Shipfusion can update and sync inventory data across multiple channels in real-time, allowing our clients to sell on various platforms while ensuring inventory levels stay consistent and avoid back-order issues. We offer clients real-time visibility and transparency into stock levels, including SKU continuity reports, back order notifications, and count/adjustment entries.

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Inventory Management Features

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Avoiding Spoilage

Manage unnecessary spoilage for sensitive shelf products
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Improve Cash Flow

Determine how much inventory is necessary with our robust reporting
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Real-Time Sync & Visibility

Inventory is kept consistent across different sales channels to ensure stock levels are always sufficient.
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Data Anyaltics

Ability to see advanced analysis of SKU popularity, days left in stock, and re-ordering suggestions
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Inventory Security and Backups

Right from protecting your assets to the data we accumulate will be safe and adequately backed up.
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Satisfies Customers

Develop a loyal customer base and ensure they receive the items they want without waiting.
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Prevent Deadstock

Due to factors like going out of season and style or becoming obsolete due to newer versions and models.
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Inventory Alerts

With Shipfusion's inventory alert feature, find out the possible issues that might occur in the future. What goes out; what comes in, the status of a shipment, etc.
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Inventory Forecasting

Inventory forecasting lets you find out which products will be out of stock soon and what's in abundance. This is an excellent tool for creating an ideal user experience for your customers.
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Audit Inventory

Shipfusion's Inventory management software can help simplify this process by promoting a spot check when the system marks the product stock as zero.
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Barcoding & Tagging

The barcoding process helps you eliminate standard human error, which often occurs due to manual data accumulations. Scanning barcodes provide fast and reliable solutions compared to manual data entry.
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Reporting Tools

Get updated with real-time data regarding product status, driver's whereabouts, order status, shipment and much more. Shipfusion's Inventory Management software integrates various reporting tools and features that make the reporting process more efficient.

eCommerce Fulfillment Inventory Reports

We provide clients with a full suite of reporting options to monitor inventory levels, including SKU history, incoming warehouse receipts, and scheduled inventory reports across different warehouses. We also offer data analytics on SKU velocity, expected days of inventory left, and 30/60 days inventory usage.

  • Top Features of Inventory Management Software:

    • Categorization of product in stock
    • Measurement of product
    • Inventory/Product history
    • Cycle counting
    • Stock reports in real-time


  • Return FAQs 

    How Do I Track Inventory In Multiple Locations?

    Everything you need to handle the complexity of multiple locations is found in our advanced inventory management and eCommerce Fulfillment software.

    Shipfusion’s Inventory Management Software allows you to:

    • Check inventory levels at each location.
    • Integrate with UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, and all other major couriers to quickly get shipments out the door.
    • Transfer items from Shipfusion facility to another.
    • Monitor long-term trends to see key insights on which Shipfusion locations sell more of a certain product.
    • Ensure eCommerce Fulfillment shipments arrive at their destinations on time. If a supply chain gets disrupted, you’ll hear about it first, so you can resolve the problem.
    • Quickly update your inventory data on a per-location basis, so you always know where it stands at any given moment.

What other services beyond functionality does Shipfusion’s Inventory Management Software offer?

Beyond the software itself, Shipfusion includes several services;

  • Data Migration
  • Training
  • Customization
  • Technical Support
  • A Dedicated Account Manager


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Is Shipfusion right for you?

  • Our scalable capacity makes it easy to meet fluctuating demand
  • Our hands-on onboarding team helps build and test integrations
  • View order data across every channel as it populates in real time
  • Our triple-check system is applied to every order to ensure accuracy

What our customers are saying..

“Shipfusion made us feel like we mattered even though we are not a huge company”

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Gareth Everad, Founder

“Shipfusion made it easy to sell over many eCommerce channels and keep an eye on inventory”

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Mikaella Go, Co-Founder

“Shipfusion provided instantaneous inventory updates”

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Hilary Chan, Director of Operations