Understanding Order Statuses

Summary: Order Statuses provides updates on where an order is in its fulfillment journey. They allow for great visibility for the merchant and serve to share a real time feed into the order’s milestones.

In Queue - When an order is in this status, this means that available inventory is allocated to the order and it is ready to be picked and packed

In Process - An order is In Process when it is currently being worked on; whether it is being picked, packed or getting it ready to be shipped out. Changes to the order can no longer be made at this point in the fulfillment journey.

Shipped - This status means that the shipping label has been generated. Tracking updates (in the carrier tracking page) will follow once the carrier scans it at their sorting hub

On Hold - When an order is On Hold, it is sidelined from the pick and pack process. In some scenarios, this status is helpful when changes to the order need to be made. 

Back Order - This status means that one or more of the units in the order are out of stock. The warehouse team is unable to fulfill the entire order until the out of stock units are replenished

Joined - When an order is in a Joined status, it is currently tied to another order that contains the same shipping address. This is to avoid having to ship out separate shipments to the same customer
Canceled - When an order is in a Canceled status, it is archived away from the fulfillment process. Order items are also deallocated from the order.