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Portal V2: Projects

Creating a Project

Projects are useful in many different ways – from kitting your products to adding additional paperwork or simply gathering some new photos of your products, Projects are used when the normal pick and pack solution doesn’t fit your needs. If you’re looking for more attention to detail for a big shipment to a retailer, or amazing Project teams can get it done.

Here’s a few situations where a project should be created:

  • There is more than 100 items (in Chicago or LA) or 50 items (in Toronto) in the order
  • There are specific instructions to be followed that go outside the normal circumstances (ex. Please unbox SKU A to create SKU B and ship out)
  • An action is required for product that cannot be completed via normal processes (please take photos of SKU A, please check expiry dates)

Under the Projects section from the main menu, you’ll be brought to the main projects page. If you’ve created projects before, they will be listed already and can be filtered from the right hand side by warehouse location or status. On the left, you can search by specific information to locate a project:

To create a project, choose the Create button in the top right:

From the popup window, enter the name of your project, the warehouse location where the project should be completed, and description. Once this has been done, select the Continue button:

Enter your shipment ID to be linked to the project. A reminder that if you are kitting SKUs (ex. SKU A + B = SKU C) or shipping product, you must have a shipment added to your project. If you need to add this at a later date, you can come back to the project and link the project before submission.

Once you have entered your shipment ID, select the Continue button:

Select the date you would like the project completed on. Please note that a date may not be available for you depending on what is already in the projects queue. If you need a specific date or a project is urgent, please speak to your account manager or reach out to the project manager for assistance. Our team will do our best to accommodate your requests.

Once you have selected a date, you can select Create Project. A new popup window will appear to go over your project details. This will submit the project to the projects team, who will review your project for any issues. If any clarification is needed, or more information is required, they will reach out to you.

To view information on a project, you can select the corresponding View button and a popup will provide you with an overview of the project and its information:

You can see all of the general details of the project under the Details tab, such as the status, shipment ID, warehouse location, and creation date. Any tasks you have added to the project will show under the Tasks tab. If you need to add attachments to a task (such as labels) you can select the paperclip icon next to the specific task to upload them. If you need to re-order your tasks, you can select the up or down buttons to move the tasks into the correct order.

You can add Followers to stay updated on your project under the Followers tab. Just start typing their name and select the person’s name in question.

Under the Actions button, you can see the options to Edit, Submit, or Delete a project. A reminder that you must make sure your project is submitted, or it will not be worked on or seen by the projects team.

If you would like to mark your project as a favourite and have it pinned on your dashboard, you can select the Star option.