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How To Create A Project

A project should be created in the following situations:

  • There is more than 100 items (in Chicago or LA) or 50 items (in Toronto) in the order
  • There are specific instructions to be followed that go outside the normal circumstances (ex. Please unbox SKU A to create SKU B and ship out)
  • An action is required for product that cannot be completed via normal processes

To create a project:

Select the appropriate warehouse for your project, and add a name before selecting Create Project:

  • You will then come to a page that looks like this:
  • Set a date you would like the project to be completed by under the Desired Completion Date section. Note that the system will look at how many projects are already in queue, so the date you want may not be available. If a project needs to be rushed or out on a certain date that is not available, please reach out to me or your account manager to ask if it is possible for our team to expedite and we will try our best to accommodate your request.
  • Add notes pertaining to the project in the Notes section – note that this is not editable after project creation, and any actions the warehouse is to take should be added as a task.
  • Under Task Information, select the Edit option and add each individual task required to complete the project. please make these as concise as possible (ideally one line) that is simple and directs the team with exactly what is needed to be done (ex. take SKU A and pack into 1 box). You can also add any attachments needed to the tasks (ex. labels, BOLs)
  • If you would like others in your organization to stay up to date on your project, you can add them under the Followers button in the top right. This will send email notifications to them as our team works on the project so that you can follow its progress.
  • Once you have added all the necessary information, you can select the Submit Project button. A pop up with occur that will ask you to confirm that you wish to submit your project, so be sure to confirm once again or the project will not be submitted for us to review and approve.

Once submitted, a member of the Projects team will review your project and submit it for approval. If any information is missing, or clarification is required, they will reach out via email.