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Creating a Reshipment

Duplicates are a quick and simple way to create reshipments for orders that need to be sent out again. Reshipments can be created for many different reasons: some may be due to mis-shipped/missing units from the original order or maybe the original shipment was lost in transit while with the carrier. In any case, the function is available for you without having to manually re-create the order.

How to Create a Reshipment:

  1. Go to orders > Manage orders OR find the order using the global search bar (on the top right of your Portal)
  1. Once you’ve found the order, “View” the order
  1. On the top right of the order page, under Actions, click “Duplicate”.
  1. The system will then prompt you to confirm if you’d like to create the duplicate

Once you’ve duplicated the order, you can make edits if you wish (treated like a new order). Note that the duplicated order will have the same Order Reference Number as the original; allowing you to easily search it in the future.