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Web Design Mistakes That Cost Conversions in eCommerce

For any business owner, websites work as a solid platform to connect with potential customers and create awareness over the vast online environment. This makes strategic eCommerce web design even more important.

Believe it or not, the average customer is more likely to look for your website online before purchasing anything from you—even if you only have a brick and mortar store.

Having a website riddled with errors or one with an unprofessional layout comes as a huge turnoff and is reason enough to switch to your competitors.

Optimize Your eCommerce Web Design For Success

In this blog post, we discuss common mistakes we see on most eCommerce websites:

Negligible Amount Of Content, Excessive Amount Of Images

We live in a visual world and images do work at grabbing customer attention. They don’t just let them have a look at what they are buying, but also give them a reassuring feeling. But put in too many images and you are left with a chaotic web design.

The number of images you use should never obscure the purpose of a webpage. At the same time, only use high quality images.

Having the right amount of content will also play a pivotal role in boosting your website’s search engine rankings and providing information potential customers are looking for.

Poor Navigation Options

Customers love to explore ecommerce stores that make navigation a breeze. Remember that you merely have a few seconds before a potential customer decides whether he/she wants to stay on your website. Making them stick around is going to be almost impossible if the navigation process is complicated.

For starters, avoid using navigation links in the content body and use a neat navigation bar that provides easy access to all pages.

Slow Page Load Speeds

Unsurprisingly, one of the most common reasons behind website abandonment is slow load speed. Unnecessary elements often hog website speed. Remove any extra features and give your website hosting service a call to inquire about why your website takes so long to load.

Non-Responsive Web Design

The number of people using their smartphones to visit online stores is rapidly increasing. You can’t expect customer to stick around if your website goes berserk when they access it from their phones.

Non-responsive websites are distorted and simply can’t be used on smartphones and mobile devices. Consider it absolutely necessary to have a responsive web design if you want to boost conversions.

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