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Use These Simple Yet Effective Tips to Boost eCommerce Sales

When you have an online store, the design and layout of your website can have a tremendous impact on your eCommerce sales.

Needless to say, web design has grown into a crucial strategic element in the context of modern businesses, both online as well as physical businesses.

A good, functional website can help small-scale, newly established businesses create a professional personality, improve its brand value, and distinguish itself and its offerings from competitors.

On the other hand, an incorrect move with your web design cannot only cost your business potential revenue losses, but also negatively impact reputation.

Website Design & eCommerce Sales

Here are some simple and easy to implement web design tips to help boost your eCommerce sales:

Have a Website That Looks Professional

There are a number of ways to achieve that. If your website has a lot of content and images, make sure they’re placed in an organized manner.

No one likes clutter. For every product, make sure the website features at least 2-4 images from varying angles. This will allow your customers to have an idea of how the product would feel.

In case your website is divided into multiple categories and sub-categories, have drop-down menu for each. This simplifies overall shopping experience for online buyers. Spend ample time and money making sure that the product images are crisp, crystal-clear and of best quality. Moreover, each product must be complemented with accurate and clear product descriptions.

Have a Website that’s User-Friendly

During online shopping, users want procedures that are seamless, quick and simple.

They merely want to complete their purchase in the shortest span of time. Your goal must be to help customers find products with minimum hassles and inconvenience. Have a search box visibly placed at the upper right side of your main page.

Nothing can please your online customers more than filtered results. The process from finding a product to checking out should not involve more than five clicks. The lesser the pages, the better.

Of course, you don’t want your customers to get frustrated in the middle of the buying process and abandon it altogether. Moreover, your customers want to easily see what’s in their cart and make additions and subtractions from it. Make sure this goes seamlessly.

Showcase Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

Nothing can convince your potential customers to buy from you better than the experiences of previous customers shared on the website.

This social proof makes potential patrons comfortable about the idea of online shopping (if they’re doing it for the first time) and the credibility of your online business.

Knowing that previous clients had a positive experience dealing with your business would put aside their concerns and apprehensions. Therefore, have a dedicated section for client testimonials on your website. Encourage your customers to leave reviews regarding their purchases.

Carefully designed websites can work magic for online businesses. The same holds true for e-commerce logistics and order fulfillment.

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Dean Bentley-Falcke
Senior Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist
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