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Ultimate Tips To Boost Shopping Cart Conversion Rates

ECommerce is at an all-time high right now. All the growth points to one thing: it is one of the fastest-growing trends globally. However, despite the rapid growth, as much as 88% of online shoppers abandon shopping carts before checking out! Boosting shopping cart conversion rates is vital for eCommerce success.

Even though the statistic may seem alarming, if you dig deeper, you will realize that majority of shopping carts ignore plenty of key elements that shape the overall user experience.

In reality, more than the functionality of the shopping cart, online consumers prefer a seamless experience.

How To Boost Shopping Cart Conversion Rates

If you are experiencing low shopping cart conversion rates and an increasing number of abandoned carts, here are a few tips that will help tackle these problems:

Be Clear About The Shipping Costs

The number one factor that compels most online shoppers to abandon carts before checking out is unanticipated fees and charges. You simply cannot leave something as important as fees for the last step of the buying process.

Online shoppers typically find it annoying when everything easily fits into their budgets until they are presented with additional costs that they can’t afford or don’t want.

Make sure that you inform the customers about all delivery fees, product information and the delivery dates.

Boost Website Performance

The page loading speed is an essential factor is shaping the overall customer experience. According to various studies, customers wait for a maximum of 3 seconds for a page to load before they decide to move over to an alternate website. Even worse, more than half of the customers who leave don’t ever come back.

Make sure you consult your website hosting service provider about uptimes and additional steps you can implement to boost page load speeds and boost shopping cart conversion rates.

Make A Responsive Web Design

If you are an online retailer, missing out on smartphone and tablet users is another mistake. According to the trends, majority of online shoppers are now moving towards their mobile devices to shop online. This makes it even more important to create a responsive web design.

Responsive design websites automatically adjust resolution, website performance and other critical factors according to the device being used, making up for a hassle-free online shopping experience.

Implement all these tips to ensure that your online prospects actually convert into profitable sales at the end of the buying process. On the other hand, order handling and timely deliveries are additional factors that help identify if the customers will be ever coming back.

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