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Importance of Product Delivery Options in Online Retail Environments

It can definitely be upsetting for customers when they make it to the checkout page on your website only to find that the product delivery options you offer are impractical for them.

Some want the products to be delivered to their doorstep within 24 hours, while others may be content with a low-cost 10-day delivery option; it all depends on individual customer preferences.

However, your ability to cater to all of those preferences is what really matters.

Product Delivery Options in eCommerce

Here, we highlight the results concluded through a research study that will help you identify the importance of providing delivery options to customers.

More Than Half Of Customers Purchased From A Store Because Of The Delivery Options

Almost 66% of customers say that they purchased something online from a retailer because they appreciated the delivery options offered. The multiple options came off as more appealing and convenient. On the other hand, 49% of online shoppers said they wouldn’t hesitate to pay a little extra for more delivery options.

Customers Will Abandon Shopping Carts If Delivery Options Are Not Favorable

The study also mentioned that customers will not hesitate to abandon shopping carts right before checkout if the delivery options seem unfavorable.

As much as half of online shoppers admitted to abandoning shopping carts because they weren’t being offered the delivery options they wanted. Almost 44% said that the duration of the delivery was a reason enough to abandon the shopping cart, while 30% cited the reason that the delivery wasn’t guaranteed within the number of days mentioned.

With the fast-paced online shopping environment, customers are always on the lookout for product delivery options and many prefer options that are cheap and convenient for them.

Among the most preferred product delivery options among online shoppers was collect-in store. 33% of US shoppers prefer it compared to 47% UK shoppers. Picking up products from a local shop or delivery point stood at the second rank of the most preferred delivery options with almost 50% of French online shoppers. However, only 17% US based online shoppers preferred it.

Customers Like To Track Delivery Progress

Almost 88% of customers rely on email or mobile notifications for updated on their delivery progress.

Knowing where there order is at the moment is particularly important for 91% of US shoppers as well as 91% of German online shoppers.

All these stats visibly point to one thing: online retailers who are so concerned with front end operations, including website layout and capabilities, are missing out on what customers really want.

It is now imperative to offer multiple delivery options to ensure that specific client needs are met every time.

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