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Reasons Why eCommerce Customers Are Abandoning Shopping Carts

They make their way to your website, browse through the products and add the ones they want to the cart. The next step is quite simple, right? All they need to is proceed towards the payment form. However, they don’t. Abandoned shopping carts in eCommerce is a real problem for many business owners.

Top Reasons Consumers Abandon eCommerce Shopping Carts

They Might Encounters Unexpected Costs At Checkout

According to a research study, almost 56% of customers said that they abandon shopping carts because they are presented with unexpected costs at the time of checkout.

Most of us have experienced this ourselves. We are done adding the items to cart, the final bill is right according to our budget, but now there are additional fees that weren’t there in the first place.

Make sure that you are clear about all prices before buyers add products to their carts. This will help avoid any confusion at the final stage of the buying process.

Your Website Is Unbearably Slow

This problem occurs at the hosting end and can become a serious problem for your eCommerce store and the reason many abandon their shopping cart.

If you host your website on a poorly performing server, your website will be slow to load. This will ultimately frustrate customers, pushing them towards an alternative store. Try switching to a dedicated hosting server to tackle load problems.

You Don’t Offer Multiple Payment Options

Although offering multiple payment methods can cost more, it is worth it. Think of it this way; some customers wish to pay with a certain online payment method and if that isn’t available, they are more likely to move over to an alternative online store.

Make sure that you integrate as many payment options to your website as possible.

Your Website Doesn’t Offer Enough Security

Most of the times, shoppers abandon their carts because they realize your website lacks security. Any website accepting payments should offer some form of online security to protect customer data and to safeguard their personal details.

Even though the skepticism around online payments has almost faded, customers will still be concerned before paying online.

One or all of these reasons could be why your customers are abandoning shopping carts before checking out.

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