Shopify Stock Soars After IPO Debut

Shopify is a worldwide leader in providing cloud software to set up an e-commerce store. Launched in 2004, Shopify has managed to stay ahead of its competition and continues to lead the e-commerce platform space. One of the greatest strengths of the Shopify platform is its ability to integrate into the 3rd party apps and software. They even… Read More »

Cool Kickstarter Projects to Follow

ShipFusion prides itself on having provided fulfillment services on some of the largest Kickstarter & Crowdfunding campaigns over the past few weeks. Here a few that our team has noticed that we recommend you take a look at: Bike Balls Bicycle Light Emissary Camera Bag Basecamp Climbing Gym Did we miss any? Tweet them to @ShipFusion!  

The Best E-Commerce Platforms

We are often asked what we feel is the best e-commerce platforms for online retailers to build their new stores. Obviously, the space is quite competitive and there are over a hundred options to choose from. In terms of simplicity in setting up a new store, Shopify is a always a great option. Shopify provides many store templates to… Read More »

Why Should I outsource my Shipping?

Many up and coming e-commerce retailers are faced with the simple yet challenging question; Should I outsource my fulfillment? While some companies are reluctant to “let go” of their inventory and trust a 3rd party with their precious goods, it is important to ask yourself the following questions. Do I want to build a warehouse? Do I want… Read More »

What is ShipFusion?

ShipFusion is a leading e-commerce fulfillment provider. With a focus on strong software and quality customer support, ShipFusion provides shipping and fulfillment solutions to growing e-commerce retailers. We have customers across many industries in retail such as beauty products, technology, books/prints, and sporting goods. Furthermore, our multiple warehouses throughout Canada and the US allows e-tailers to hold their… Read More »