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Packaging: Everything You Need To Know

With so many packaging options it can be hard to know which are the best choices when it comes to being cost-effective, durable and eco-friendly. Using a fulfillment center like Shipfusion frees you from navigating the fulfillment landscape with zero stress. Below are some insights on how Shipfusion can take your business to the next level especially during COVID-19. 

Finding the right packaging can really affect the customer’s unboxing experience. It’s important to understand the different options you have when its time to ship your products to consumers. Choosing the wrong materials can cause damage to your products, lead to disappointed customers and even a loss in profits. Creating a successful packaging regimen helps create a strong and lasting impression, gaining your customer’s trust and creating brand loyalty. 

Packaging Factors

The most important factor that comes to mind when picking the right packaging for your product is keeping time and costs to a minimum while still being able to create a positive unboxing experience. Packages go through several forms of transportation; Air, Sea, Truck, Train, Etc.. so its important to protect your package while on the move and follow proper shipping guidelines and hazardous materials guidelines. Many companies are switching over to more eco-friendly packaging options as part of a green planet movement. It’s important to remember that you pay for the size and weight of the packaging, not the size and weight of your product– so packing smart makes a big difference to your bottom line. 

The Pick & Pack Process

  1. Your order is received by Shipfusion
  2. Your item is picked out from its inventory location
  3. Shipfusion’s platform automatically selects the most optimized and cost-effective packaging based on the dimension and weight of the product 
  4. Postage is printed for your package
  5. The package is shipped to the destination


The traditional cardboard box is ideal for most products that need space and sturdiness. Remember most fulfillment companies base pricing around the box dimensions and weight, so make sure to select a box that is just the right size for your product. Durability is a big concern, you can choose a double-walled box to help protect fragile items. The great thing about boxes is the reusability factor and how common they are. Boxes come in many shapes and sizes for all kinds of applications, providing strong protection against outside factors. Tiny items can cause a disadvantage for shipping boxes as you end up paying for the extra space. Boxes are also not ideal for oddly shaped items like long pipes. 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Many sizes available
  • Hold large items
  • Reuseable

Soft pack

Soft packs are a great way to ship smaller products like jewelry or small food products. Bubble envelopes come in a wide range of sizes to easily fit into mailboxes allowing the customers to receive the delivery to their door, without a post office pick-up. Bubble mailers have layers of plastic coating and bubble wrap padding built-in to help provide protection from liquids, therefore, reducing the damage that outside factors could allow. The plastic filter is designed to be wrapped around fragile items and taped up to prevent collision damages. The air-filled bubble pockets provide extreme security without adding considerable weight to the overall package equalling a reduced shipping cost. The downside to bubble envelopes or bubble mailers is that they can be punctured with heavy objects when in transits. Soft packs can include a padded envelope, bubble mailer, or plastic (Tyvek or Poly) sleeve. 

  • Helps protect small products
  • Come in a wide size range
  • Bubble wrap padding for protection
  • Cost-effective

Packing Peanuts

Styrofoam packing peanuts are great as both filler and protection to help fragile products from shifting during transportation. They are a good value and an inexpensive option to fill a package quickly. The protection from impact and prevent the product from losing its original shape. The downside to packing peanuts is that they are not eco-friendly. They cause a lot of waste and tend to end up all over your floor and can make for a messy experience. Some consumers might consider them cheap and take away from the quality of the product you are shipping. Additional packaging materials include; Air pillow bags, shipping tape, gel packs/cold packs for temperature control, plastic liner bags, kraft paper filler, tissue and crinkle paper, bubble wrap.

  • Inexpensive
  • Protective
  • Lightweight
  • Not eco-friendly
  • Can seem cheap

Shipping Hazardous Goods 

Shipping products containing hazardous materials and be difficult, for example, think of lithium batteries in electronic devices– this is considered a hazardous material because the battery could leak while in transit. Partnering with a fulfillment center like Shipfusion will take care of the logistics of how to ship your items containing these dangerous goods, including ground transportation as opposed to air transportation that is not permitted with products containing lithium batteries. 

  • Understanding the law of shipping Hazardous goods
  • Special packaging may be necessary
  • Ground transportation might be the only method of transportation allowed

Custom Packaging

Let’s face it, most packaging including plain brown paper boxes are boring. But, when you add a bit of your brand on to your packaging of choice, it can quickly change the entire perception of a shipping box and feel ‘customized.’ A customized box can be anything – have quirky shapes, highlight brand colours and logo, tell the brand story, include personalized greetings, and the list goes on. Many small, medium and large eCommerce businesses are leveraging the power of custom shipping boxes to connect with their customers. Not only is it free marketing and promotion of your brand but it also creates a wonderful unboxing experience for the end customer. 

  • Customization
  • Gain brand visibility
  • Free marketing and promotion
  • Creates a great unboxing experience
  • Helps attract more customers

 Shipfusion sets your business on autopilot and combines flexible, reliable fulfillment with powerful, real-time technology. Shipfusion has multiple fulfillment centers across the US and Canada– making it easy to manage your eCommerce business. For more information on how to set your business on autopilot, contact one of our fulfillment specialists today.

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