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Order Fulfillment and Customer Service: What’s the Connection?

Order fulfillment is a big component of customer service and satisfaction. It is no rocket science; in fact, common sense; if you want your e-commerce business to reach the pinnacle of success, you need to deliver efficiently and effectively.

The ways businesses operate have been revolutionized by eCommerce. Potential customers are just a click away, which helps boost sales. The communication channel and process have become highly personalized which has also changed customer expectations.

What Do Customers Expect From Order Fulfillment?

Customer experience can be adequately described as the way the organization and the customer interact over time, and build a trustworthy relationship.

One of the most pivotal pillars of this journey is order fulfillment.

This is what completes the sales process and keeps customers happy and satisfied. An order fulfillment process that is strategically planned goes in favor of companies, delivering a positive customer experience, leading to customer loyalty.

Companies need to put in concrete efforts to streamline the order fulfillment and delivery process to enhance customer experience. This is highly essential to generate brand loyalty and ultimately retain customers.

Inability to Deliver Results in Poor Customer Service

A mismanaged order fulfillment process can be highly problematic and wreak havoc in the entire supply chain process.

A customer order can most likely be postponed, delayed unnecessarily, damaged or even go missing in an environment of uncertainty. This can have a ripple effect on the entire organization. It can be a matter of great concern for businesses, which often culminates in a loss of major projects.

When unsatisfied customers leave the front door, you’ve got to keep the wheel turning by making attempts to acquire new customers. This is a time-consuming process and requires upfront investment, which hits the bottom-line of the company.

Pitching to new customers and selling to them incurs a higher overall cost than to sell to an already existing and satisfied customer base.

As a responsible business, make the existing fulfillment process smooth, so that maximum numbers of customers are retained. Many companies now opt for outsourced order fulfillment to make sure they are not missing out on anything.

How Can An Order Fulfillment Company Help You Excel At Customer Service?

According to a survey, 65% of consumers have stopped being loyal to a brand after a single unpleasant episode of customer service. This calls for serious action. Hence, an outsourced order fulfillment service can help you streamline business processes, offer more shipping options, and send out orders that are properly warehoused and packed. This improves communication. And returns are made easy.

At ShipFusion, we make every effort to facilitate your business and make sure that your customers are satisfied with your services.

From warehousing and inventory management to integrating multiple sales channels, we are a one-stop solution for all your supply chain needs.

Shipfusion sets your business on autopilot and combines flexible, reliable fulfillment with powerful, real-time technology. Shipfusion has multiple fulfillment centers across the US and Canada– making it easy to manage your eCommerce business. For more information on how to set your business on autopilot, contact one of our fulfillment specialists today.

“Part of the theme at Shipfusion is that we don't constrain our clients. We work with them as business partners, which allows them great flexibility to work with other 3PL solutions and still take advantage of Shipfusion services.”

Dean Bentley-Falcke
Senior Solutions Architect and eCommerce Specialist
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