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Frequently Asked Questions: Covid-19

**All correspondence and updates relating to Coronavirus / Covid-19 will be communicated through You can also refer to ShipFusion’s blog for all of our up to date content surrounding this matter.  

What is Shipfusion’s prevention plan for Covid-19?

Shipfusion has been tracking the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) since early January 2020. We have been in daily communication with our safety consultants, The Horton Group to ensure all code, safety and health procedures are being followed and up to gold standard. Part of our rigorous health and safety procedures include new disinfecting and assessment protocols. 

All warehouse staff including management teams have been trained and educated using the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention’s Interim Guidance for Businesses and Employers to Plan and Respond to CoronaVirus/ COVID-19. Along with the US Centre of Disease Control’s procedures, Shipfusion has implemented all the latest national Hand Washing Guides.

What are the new disinfecting and assessment protocols?

To adhere to the latest COVID-19 concerns we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting processes in high traffic areas such as; packing tables, scanners, scales, door handles, faucets, and toilets. Outside visitors are no longer permitted on-site, this includes; freight drivers who do not have access into the area outside of their vehicles.

In addition to our increased cleaning and disinfecting of high traffic areas, effective immediately, in an effort to prevent the spread of Coronavirus/Covid-19 throughout Shipfusion’s facilities and offices, Shipfusion senior staff and warehouse management will screen all employees for known virus symptoms before they are allowed entry into any Shipfusion operated sites. We have a full screening protocol that has been put in place as of Monday morning (March 16, 2020) recommended by the CDC until the World Health Organization lifts “Pandemic” status. 

What is the new screening protocol?

Shipfusion senior staff and warehouse management will screen all employees for known virus symptoms before they are allowed entry into any Shipfusion operated sites. 

The screening will take place at the main entrances to the facilities. Shipfusion employees will be asked if they are currently experiencing flu-like symptoms (cough, fever or shortness of breath), if they have come into direct contact with a person with the CoronaVirus / Covid-19, or if they have recently travelled to a country affected by the CoronaVirus / Covid-19 – This list includes all Asian, South East Asian, European and Middle-Eastern countries (Specifically but not limited to: China, Japan, South Korea, Iran and Italy). These questions are further supported by a “no-touch” laser temperature reading that is taken on the employee’s forehead from a safe distance. 

Are your employees practising social distancing?

Yes, ensuring our employees continue to work in a safe environment during these times is our top priority. Our fulfillment teams are now working individually with at least 5 feet between one another. Our Reverse Logistics team has moved to a separate temporary location across the street from our main Chicago headquarters, also practising social distancing with 5 feet apart from one another.

What if an employee receives Covid-19? How will it affect my business?

Advance health screening measures are in place for all warehouse employees and those entering the facility. In the event that a Shipfusion fulfillment employee contracts Covid-19, we have outlined specific protocol, aligned with our consultants at The Horton Group. The employee will be sent home immediately if one is showing symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, caught and fever) and asked to contact their health provider to receive further instructions. The warehouse staff will be notified that this individual has had symptoms, and anyone who has come into direct contact with said individual will be sent home and be placed in self-quarantine well we continue to monitor the situation. With our teams currently practising social distancing, working independently, we do not foresee effects on our client’s operations. 

The Ontario Provincial Government is issuing all “All Non-Essential Businesses to Close”, is your Toronto facility closing?

As of 11:59 pm EST, March 24, 2020, The Ontario Provincial Government is officially mandating “All Non-Essential Businesses to Close”. The Province of Ontario announced today that “Businesses providing mailing, shipping, courier and delivery services, including post office boxes” are deemed essential and Shipfusion will remain open. Shipfusion is doing everything possible to maintain our Service Level Agreements, but given the circumstances and our commitment not to bring new or outside workers into the facilities, it is possible that small delays may occur. We will do our best to communicate these directly, but ask you to please be mindful of the challenging circumstances.

The State of Illinois is under “Stay at Home Order”, is your Chicago facility closing?

As of 5:00 pm CST, March 21, 2020, The State of Illinois Public Health Office is officially announcing a “Stay at Home Order” for all residents until April 7, 2020. This order enforces all residents to practise social distancing of six (6) feet, enforces all non-essential businesses to close down, and encourages all individuals to stay at home. The State of Illinois Public Health Office clearly identifies Essential Business Operations to remain open. As of 5pm CST, March 21, 2020, Shipfusion will continue to operate. Governor Pritzer announced today during the State of Illinois Press Conference that “All supply chains need to continue, and we encourage people with delivery jobs that they are checking in with employers – this is an essential service for all residents of Illinois”.

The State of California is under “Safe At Home Order of Control” – Covid-19, is your Los Angeles facility closing?

The Los Angeles Public Health Office clearly identifies Essential Business Operations that are to remain open. As of 9 am PST, Match 20, 2020, Shipfusion will continue to operate. The following states a few sections within the order which deems Shipfusion as an Essential Business and Service:

  • Section 13 Paragraph (i) – Businesses providing mailing and shipping services, including post office boxes
  • Section 13 Paragraph (o) – Businesses that ship, truck, provide logistical support or deliver groceries, food, good or services directly to residences, Essential Businesses, Healthcare Operations, Essential Infrastructure
  • Section 15 Paragraph (b) (i) – this Order does not apply to the following essential infrastructure or operations: Healthcare Operations (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, dentists, pharmacies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, other licensed healthcare facilities, healthcare suppliers, home healthcare service providers, mental health providers, cannabis dispensaries with a medicinal cannabis license, medical or scientific research companies, or any related and/or ancillary healthcare services, manufacturer, distributors and services of medical devices, diagnostics, and equipment, veterinary care, and all healthcare provided to animals.  This expansion shall be broadly construed to avoid any impact to the delivery of healthcare, broadly defined. Healthcare Operations does not include fitness and exercise gyms and similar exercise or training facilities.

How is this affecting the opening of Shipfusion’s new facility in Carol Stream, Illinois?

Construction is currently underway with our new facility with a projected launch in June 2020. At this time, we do not expect a delay in launch. We are working with the Village of Carol Stream, and our partners to ensure everyone involved with the construction of our new facility is practising those measures currently in place by the Center for Disease and Control Recommendations.

Shipfusion Senior Management will continue to keep its entire staff up-to-date on all changes to its screening and prevention efforts pertaining to Coronavirus/Covid-19. As appropriate health guidelines and recommendations change, we will provide updated information to employees and clients. For more information regarding the Coronvirus / Covid-19, please visit: Centre For Disease Control and Prevention – Coronavirus / Covid-19

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