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Find The Right Shipping Carrier For Your CBD Products 

The Ultimate CBD Fulfillment Guide: Part 4

Shipping Carriers for Your CBD Products

Once upon a time, certain shipping carriers would not ship CBD products. In recent years, that has changed, but as a business, you’ll want to know which shipping carriers won’t give you any trouble regarding CBD products. However, it would help if you understood that all shipping companies will refuse to ship CBD to locations where it’s not legal, so make sure you set your shipping restrictions in your store.


USPS will allow the shipping of CBD products if the concentration of THC in the CBD product is less than 0.03%.


If you want to ship CBD products through UPS, you have to identify where the raw materials for the product grew, how they were processed, and how you obtained them. For example, if you receive your CBD from a fulfillment center, you must prove where it came from and how they sourced it.


DHL will ship your CBD products as long as you meet the following requirements:

  1. Less than 0.03% of THC on a dry-weight basis
  2. The shipper complies with federal, state, and local laws
  3. The shipper has a record of compliance with such laws, such as a license and a COA

Using these shipping providers to send out your CBD products is your best bet, but rules and regulations are ever-evolving, so pay close attention. Also, if none of these choices work for you, feel free to investigate other shipping options and carriers! 

CBD guidelines rarely stay the same for long

CBD Web Platforms

Choosing a web-building platform and payment processor that will work alongside your CBD products can be challenging. However, more and more companies are embracing the sale of CBD, so it’s much easier to find compliant companies than it was in the past!

The best platform for your operations is almost as crucial as locating a dependable supplier, as it will keep sales running smoothly. The infrastructure of your technology will maintain customer satisfaction with your brand. Because CBD is still heavily regulated, not all website providers will allow you to build and operate a store with CBD products on their platform.

Don’t fret because you still have some seriously outstanding options!


BigCommerce is stellar for hosting a web store with CBD supplies, as they couple their platform with FDA compliance solutions regarding regulated products. BigCommerce is eons ahead of other web builders, supplying clients with everything they need to successfully and safely sell CBD online.


One of the oldest names in the eCommerce game, it’s no surprise that Shopify embraced the sale of CBD products early on. The platform offers a beautiful set of core features that assist with the construction and success of an online store that specializes in CBD sales.

If you choose to go with Shopify, be prepared. The platform does not offer a payment proprietor that allows the sale of CBD, so you’ll have to integrate a third-party payment processor, which isn’t too hard given modern technology and available Shopify applications.

3D Cart

3DCart is another web hosting platform that has been around for a while, allowing the construction of both CBD and vape-related web stores. 3D Cart isn’t as advanced as some of the other options today. However, they still have many successful features, including shopping cart software, embedded buy buttons, themes, and a full-scale, customizable website builder.

The list is forever growing regarding website builders that will allow clients to create and run a CBD-focused store. As the demand for CBD increases, so does the need for supportive eCommerce.

If none of these options work for you, either skill or budget-wise, don’t be afraid to look further into the topic. With so many available hosting options, you never know what you might find!

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