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Why Using Third-Party Logistics Is A Good Idea

Without an efficient and streamlined order fulfillment process, no e-commerce business can thrive. Order fulfillment refers to keeping track of orders, processing and shipping them to the customers. In simple terms, an efficient order fulfillment process delivers products to the customers as fast as possible, while also providing adequate information about the status of the delivery process. Due to lack… Read More »

Why Should I outsource my Shipping?

Many up and coming e-commerce retailers are faced with the simple yet challenging question; Should I outsource my fulfillment? While some companies are reluctant to “let go” of their inventory and trust a 3rd party with their precious goods, it is important to ask yourself the following questions. Do I want to build a warehouse? Do I want… Read More »

What is ShipFusion?

ShipFusion is a leading e-commerce fulfillment provider. With a focus on strong software and quality customer support, ShipFusion provides shipping and fulfillment solutions to growing e-commerce retailers. We have customers across many industries in retail such as beauty products, technology, books/prints, and sporting goods. Furthermore, our multiple warehouses throughout Canada and the US allows e-tailers to hold their… Read More »